Saturday, June 25, 2016

Insects in amber nail art

Nerdy nails! I love historic things like fossils and insects in amber! I've had this design sitting in 'the vault' for a while now, not sure if I wanted to post it. It started out looking like cheese... Click to see more!

I wanted to use OPI Primarily Yellow & Chromatic Orange from the Color Paints collection but I knew I'd need quite a few coats and I didn't feel like waiting for all of them to dry. So I mixed some drops up with Gelibility Fix It! UV gel top coat, which turns it inot gel polish so I could cure it under my UV lamp from STYLondon! Super convenient!

I painted the insects with acrylic paint and my Roubloff 00 detail brush, added some more Color Paints gel on top and then put the crown on the design by sponging some Chromatic Orange & light brown acrylic paint around the insects. This gives it a slight surface texture and that 'I just dug this up' look. Very cool :D

Music is "Urban Gauntlet" by Kevin MacLeod

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