Thursday, June 9, 2016

Think outside the box nail art

By now you know I'm a big fan of taking what's practical or logical, and throwing it in the trash :-p Pushing boundaries and trying new things is what makes us develop, so go ahead and think outside the box! Oh and also, click to see more :-p

On top of a matte top coat, you can paint on your nails with chalk! I used tailor's chalk because it has a fine tip already, so I can use it to write.

This design isn't very practical because you can't top coat it without wiping off the chalk. One day, I'll find a top coat that I can use for this!! It's a really easy design though, and so much fun to do!
I used Picture Polish Black for the base. It's my favorite black, because.... well, just 'cuz. It dries great, is opaque and has that nice Picture Polish smell. Have you ever noticed how different brands have a different smell, besides the normal nail polish chemicals?

Music is "Ecstacy" by Purple Planet

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