Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Afraid of the dark - nail art for Halloween

What's your biggest fear... Spiders? Monsters? Darkness? How about ALL OF THEM!

I painted this scene with acrylic paint and my Mitty Peachy 000 & Candy 00 detail brushes.

To make the glow in the dark eyes, I just added some Serum No. 5 Budding Lights after I finished painting the design. It's really creepy how they glow!

I used to be REALLY afraid of the dark as a kid. I'd especially be scared of anything that might be lurking under my bed, so I'd run up to it and jump on it real quick so nothing could grab my legs. One day I had a really scary dream about something lurking in the closet.... and I haven't been afraid since :-p

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