Monday, October 24, 2016

Realistic spider nail art for Halloween

Thin, crawly legs sticking out to all sides. Eight eyes staring at you, watching your every move. How can anyone be afraid of spiders? :-p

The gorgeous background polish is Holographic Kiss by Masura. I received this, plus nine others, as press samples to share with you. Holographic Kiss is one of my favorites and immediately caught my eye. So pretty and feminine!

The spider is painted with new black & white acrylic paint that I bought two weeks ago from They are AMAZING, very smooth and they make painting tiny lines so much easier! The black is really watery (actually exactly like water, but annoyingly opaque) and it smears with my top coat, but I think I bought the wrong bottle. It's hard to tell from a website. I'll place another order and let you know!
I've wanted to paint a spider with its legs spreading out to other nails since... I don't know when. I didn't 'see' the design in my head yet though, and I need to visualize it in order to paint it. This wasn't so much planned as it just suddenly took shape, and quite well might I add!

I received Masura Holographic Kiss as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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