Friday, January 6, 2017

Selection of polishes from Nailland Hungary, swatches & review

Happy Friday! Today I want to show you a couple of awesome polishes that I got from Nailland Hungary, a European stockist. They are so speedy with shipping! My package went out the door the same day and arrived to the Netherlands 3 business days later! The bottles were strapped to a sturdy plastic contraption to keep them from breaking and it just all looked so professional and carefully wrapped! OK so let's get started!

This first polish is a Nailland Hungary exclusive by Colors by Llarowe. Well this isn't nude... but if orange is the new black, then green can be The New Nude! Especially if it's neon. And has miniscule holo microglitters. Which I freaking love. The formula felt a bit creamier than what I'm used to, but it caused no problems whatsoever in application and went on smoooothly. It was also more opaque than I expected from a neon green (sorry for doubting you little polish!) and I was happy to reach opacity with two coats, plus a top coat.

Hello to my first Cupcake Polish! Let Your Gourd Down is one gorgeous holo polish and I'm sure the name will (annoyingly) stick in my head for years to come. And it dries so fast! I needed 2 smooth, easy coats plus a top coat and while this kind of blue is notorious for staining, I didn't experience anything of the sort. Just really pleasant to work with and a treat for the eye.

First thought about ILNP Copper Top: it's so festive! Metallic shine in lower lighting, and it looks very chique and sophisticated with a slight hint of party. And in the sun, the disco balls come out as the tiiiiny holo glitters catch the rays and burst out in rainbows! The first coat went on very sheer and I ended up being statisfied with 3 coats and a top coat. I expected it to be slightly gritty but it wasn't, not even a little bit. Totally smooth!

I could totally see this polish Stopping Traffic with its bright red flashiness! ILNP never disappoint, and Stopping Traffic is everything I expected it to be and more. The color is gorgeous on its own, but to top it off there are tiny holo microflecks added to it. The formula is a dream and the brush gives me perfect control so I hardly hard any clean up around the cuticle area. I'm hooked! It's a jelly so I needed three coats to reach a very happy endin-- I mean opacity, plus a coat of top coat.

The last polish we're looking at today is Masura Mehendi from the Precious Stones collection.
This is weirdly chocolaty but with a more red/pinkish undertone. It's also magnetic which makes a really cool cat eye effect that changes as you move your hand, like there's another layer INSIDE your nails! One coat was opaque but if you're going for the magnetic effect, I recommend doing 2. You have to be pretty quick with the magnet and it's just more convenient to already have a coat of color on your nails to work with. Very cool!

That's all of them! Which one is your favorite? I am not a fan of red but Stopping Traffic has my heart do a little flutter every time I see it. It's just so gorgeous!

Don't forget to check out Nailland Hungary's website (you'll be drooling in no time) and ofcourse their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Thanks so much for reading/looking and I hope you have an awesome weekend!

I received all of the polishes in this article as a press sample. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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