Thursday, May 10, 2012

Challenge - Week 1

My first week of the challenge didn't go so well... First, I painted my nails a bright magenta. It was a little bottle of polish from Etos, I got it from my mom. Then, I cut some hearts out of sticker paper to make little sticky hearts. I stuck those to my nails, then used a sponge to apply some Sally Hansen Stiletto Red (beautiful red with sparkles).  

After removing the paper hearts, this is what the result was. I didn't use a top coat because I sometimes like the bumpy feel of sponged manicures :-p 

It's hard to see the hearts in the photo. Hmmm it's hard to see the hearts in real life, too. 

I should've used a color with more contrast to the magenta, I know that now. I plan on doing this manicure again but with a different color palette. 

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