Thursday, May 3, 2012

Preparing for prom

We actually call it gala. I'm really excited about it! It hasn't been easy the past years, so finally getting my diploma and being done with school sounds great. I just have a few more weeks to go, and then there's really no more school for me...

After a short period of looking for the right dress, I found an awesome one. It's like this reddish purple color, I think that's called eggplant. Just see for yourself!

 I left my head out of the picture because I looked stupidly surprised. Also, the shoes are not mine, so ignore them ;-)

The shoes were a bargain, and used to be white. Silver suits better with the dress, so I painted the shoes silver and added some fabric from the dress and some jewelry that belonged to my grandma.

They're not quite done yet, they need some more tweeking and maybe some stuff added. I still really like them like this, too! For me, it's a delight to fiddle with all of the great materials I own and see those bland shoes become this pretty.

Oh, and the bracelet was also a lot of fun to make! I really like those bracelets that seem to be three or four different bracelets in one. The dangles and beads I've used are mostly from my grandma's jewelery and some things I got a while ago. 

It's still a while away, but I can't wait for a night of partying with my friends, classmates and my boyfriend. As you can see I'm all set!

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