Monday, May 28, 2012

Eurovision Song Contest!

Did any of you watch the Eurovision Song Contest? I watch every year with one of my best friends. This year, ofcourse, boyfriend had to sit through the whole thing and I think he liked it a lot more than he was willing to admit. The thing I like best about the contest is the extremes, every country wants to stand out, which only makes them disappear between all the other countries that are trying to be different. So they have terrible songs and flashy outfits, so what? I gives me the opportunity to practice my funny remarks. My boyfriend has that down cold already, he had me in stitches throughout the whole contest =D

In case you missed it, Sweden was the big winner this year. Congratulations to Loreen for a stellar performance!

I'm disappointed the Netherlands didn't make it to the finals. Our song was voted out in the semi-finals on thursday. Ofcourse I understand... We (Dutch people) seem to be terrible at sending entries that have any potential of winning. I mean, as if De Toppers in 2009 had any shot in their LED-covered suits. Oh but I'm getting carried away...

I could talk for hours about what songs should've won in what year and the songs that I desperately wanted to LOSE. But I won't. I'll tell you quickly that I had a wonderful day walking in the sun with my boyfriend. He lives pretty far away from me, so it's a whole new area for me to explore. We went to a lake in the town where he lives. It was pretty hot, so I wore my supercute jeans shorts with a green shirt. And my black sandals with the metal hearts on them. Boy, did I regret wearing those shoes! They really aren't fit for long walks, so now I get to remember the fun we had today by the blisters on my feet. 

And now I'll just leave you with a sunny smile and the promise of more nail art to come!

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