Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Newspaper nail art with florals

Heya! I'm doing a quick post today, I want to show you something that I made two weeks ago. I don't have new nail art right now, I have a bad ear infection that is really bothering me, so I'm laying low. You might remember this newspaper nail art from last week, what I'm showing you today was actually made before that! Click to see more pictures!

I'm part of a nail art group on FB and we have a weekly challenge. Two weeks ago, the challenge was newspaper print nail art! I made this design first, but as you can see it's pretty unoriginal *cough lame cough*

I used Avon Honeydew Dazzle that I got from my friend Melanie and I transferred the newspaper print onto my nails using newspaper clippings and a cotton pad with 70% alcohol solution. It worked pretty well, don't you think? I'm always seeing these beautiful floral patterns drawn over newspaper nails, so I tried my hand at that, using acrylic paints.
I applied a matte top coat when I was done, I like them much better this way!

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