Thursday, January 16, 2014

Naild'it Unique Nail Polish swatches & review

Hello to you on this fine evening! I have a merry trio of polishes to share with you tonight, all the way from the US, I present to you: Naild'it Unique Nail Polish! Click here to see my pictures and read the review!

Rustic Rose

We start off the review with my favorite of the three, Rustic Rose. This is a lilac colored holo that has a nice holo effect even in indoor lighting. I like how quiet this color is, if that makes any sense. If bright colors scream, then this one is a whisper. It's a very classy, feminine color that would suit pretty much anyone. I love it!
I'm showing you Rustic Rose without a top coat, since this usually dulls the holographic effect. The polish without top coat looks semi-matte, which just contributes to the 'whisper' analogy. It's just really pretty, with or without topcoat. I can see the golden gleam of the holographic particles in the comfort of my own room.
There was no funny business with application. It also dried pretty quickly, which made a top coat unnecessary, really.

Next, I took my trusty led light and shone the crap out of this polish :-p Et voilĂ ! The holo shows itself in all of its colors! It's not super bright and obvious, but it suits the color perfectly.

I only needed two really thin easy coats of polish. My visible nail line disappeared almost immediately, and I think with short nails, you'd be done with just one coat!
And well, I think it's pretty! I really like the whole 'whisper' feeling this polish gives me! I've got outfits that would be perfectly complimented by this polish.

Merry Row Round

It's a party on your nails! Merry Row Round is a busy mingling of glitter in all shapes, colors and sizes. I got lots of compliments while wearing this polish, people thought it was fun and whimsical, and it just looks SO happy! The glitter is also suspended really well in the formula, there is absolutely no shaking, rolling or fishing involved.

I see so many types of glitters, I'm sure to miss a couple. Feel free to click on the photos to make them appear in a larger size, you can spot the glitters yourself. Consider it an easter egg hunt of sorts!

Merry Row Round is not for sale yet in the Naild'it Etsy shop, the owner Andrea told me they're working on a separate website, that will hopefully go live soon! That's very exciting!

There was a slight problem with the large orange hex glitter that is curling up. Most of them lay right over the curve of my nail, so they didn't cause any problems. There were just one or two of those stubborn bastards that kept sticking up, and I like my nails smooth. What you're seeing here is the product of THREE (!) layers of top coat to get it all nice and smooth. I dropped an extra blob of top coat on the extra sharp edge of one of the glitters, and that did the trick without it looking weird and bumpy. So you will need a good top coat when using this polish!
Other than that, I really didn't experience any problems with this polish. It dried quickly and I used two coats to reach this level of opacity. For a white based indie, I think that's very nice! And the glitter stays pretty and visible without being drowned by the tinted base.

Purp... Excuse Me!

Now this is another story... I'm sorry to say that I did not like this polish :-( Usually I'm all for a good glitter bomb, but there is just too much glitter in this polish...

Purp... Excuse Me! is a black based polish with a whoooole lot of glitters. The antique pink glitters in the base made it look more brown-ish than black and this bothered me. It wasn't really pretty, at least not according to my taste, ofcourse all of my lovely readers are entitled to their own opinion! And please, let me know! I love to hear what you all think!

Besides just the not being very pretty, the polish was also pretty hard to apply. The excess of glitter made it really hard to get a decent coat onto my nails, and I needed three coats to reach opacity. That's not bad for an indie, if it wasn't for the fact that I was trying to get rid of all the large circle glitter at one point. I always start with my pinkie. I applied the first layer after my base coat dried, and it was pretty nice. My ring finger caught two or three pieces of large circle glitter. But I was NOT a happy camper when I came to my middle finger nail and all the circles came swarming out to drown my nail. I had seven or eight large pieces, enough to make a mosaic to cover my whole nail.
This made the whole polish look really bumpy. I applied three layers of top coat again to get a surface that nothing would snag on, but it was still really bumpy. I feel like this polish would benefit from having less circle glitter, that would improve the level of ease with which it can be applied. I wouldn't want to see it completely without the circle glitter, because it's one of the prettier properties of this polish.
So Purp... Excuse Me! doesn't rate high on my 'I wanna use this one again' scale, but I do have to say that some of the glitters are really pretty when the light hits them right. I wore this polish for three days and it slowly started to grow on me a little bit.

And that concludes this review! I showed you some of the good, and some of the bad, and I hope you won't all stone me the next time I step out my front door *guilty face* You can visit the Naild'it Unique Nail Polish Etsy store, and they're also available at MeiMei's Signatures for international customers. Follow Naild'it on Facebook and Instagram for swatches and more!

I received all of the polishes in this article as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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