Saturday, June 21, 2014

It's a small world after all!!!

Hey ladies! You know, I've met so many amazing people on my nail journey, people from all over the world. We share this earth, so treat each other with respect! Sometimes it gets too normal, talking to people who are halfway around the globe, and other times it just astounds me. Here's a tribute to all you lovely nail ladies on this big old earth of ours! Click to see the rest!

Hahaha yeah I know it's messed up! The map doesn't quite look right, but this was SO hard to paint with all of the irregular shapes of the different countries! I used Philly Loves Lacquer Absecon as the blue base (it's holo so it has a nice ocean-y sparkle) and I painted the countries using acrylic paint and my Pure Color Glamour #1 detail brush.

My own country is TINY! It's an orange dot. Yeah, I made it orange, because that is our national color!

Aaaaand I didn't forget my ladies in the land down under! One of my very best nail friends are located in Australia, I could never forget to paint you honey!!

Australia is also the home of many gorgeous indie brands. Gahhh how I wish I could go there one day!!!
I am soooooo sorry if your country isn't on here! My nails turned out to be smaller than I had expected and painting the countries turned out to be a big challenge, especially the small ones. So only the northern hemisphere got painted (all of Europe is a mess, hahaha), but let me know if you wanna see your country and I can give the southern half of the world a turn too!

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