Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jior Couture Nails And Drink collection

Hey mah babes! I have some mouth watering polishes for you today, coming to you LIVE from Jior Couture! Click to see my swatches :D

This collection from Jior Couture is called the Nails And Drink collection and all of these polishes are named after fruity drinks. I love it! They are available right NAO! And they're limited edition, so when it's sold out, it's really sold out. Aww....
Mixed Berry Milkshake

Ooooh look how pretty! I love this kind of dark shimmer, it makes my skin look good :-p

So this is Mixed Berry Milkshake! It's a dark purple with a beautiful blue-ish shimmer. Smooth, smooth polish, one coat is almost opaque already but I added a second coat to be sure there wouldn't be any bald spots.
It's just so pretty! I love this shimmer, it looks like magical swirls... like it can start to move at any minute.

I'd say this polish is definitely a must-have! It's awesome quality, looks beautiful and it will go great with a berry milkshake if you're having one. I'm definitely craving one now....
Mango Julius

My. Very. FAVORITE of this bunch! Grab hold of your seats guys, because this polish will rock your socks!

Mango Julius, as the name suggests, is a pretty, mango orange polish that takes some coats to reach opacity, which is why I'm showing it to you layered over a white base. As it happens, a white base is perfect for... glow in the dark! Glow polishes glow extra bright on a white base! I loooooove glow polishes, like, really really really deeply devoted love. LOVE!

This is what it looks like with three coats on only my base coat, no white undies. I also didn't add a top coat because I quite like the somewhat textured look of this polish. I'm sorry but I do! It makes me really feel like I have a glow polish on my nails, because the glow pigment makes it feel a bit bumpy. Honk your horn if you're crazy like me!
It gets a tad lighter when I apply the same three coats on top of white. The color is just perfect, it's this milky orange-y color that makes me taste the mango at the back of my throat. I always try to get my swatches as close to the actual color of the polish as I can, but pictures look different on different screens.
And now oooohhhh look at the glow in the dark! It's so gorgeous!

*WARNING* Do not look directly at the glow effect of this polish, or it might burn your corneas. LOL Just kidding! It is really bright though. I always use different settings on my camera to capture glow polishes, but this one was easy to photograph with my usual in-the-light-box-settings! I freaking love it :D
Blueberry Fizz

Lastly, we have Blueberry Fizz. Not sure what to think of this one, but it did start to grow on me the longer I was wearing it.

This is a topper with blue and gold flakies in a light blue base, I've swatched it over two coats of white here. It's supposed to become a darker blue in direct sunlight, this is called photochromic, but unfortunately I didn't see it.
The gold shimmer isn't too super obvious, I like it more that way! When I saw it in the bottle, I wasn't sure if this would be my color, but I kinda like it over a white base. This is three coats of Blueberry Fizz.
This polish is really easy to work with, and it's great that you can try out different layering options to suit your needs!

Sooo if you like what you see, get your ass over to the Jior Couture shop because they have lots more glow in the dark, photochromic and shimmer polishes to choose from! You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. Thanks so much for letting me show off your gorgeous polishes Sacha!!!

I received these three Jior Couture polishes as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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