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Philly Loves Lacquer Summer Down The Shore collection!

Hey my sweets! I am SO excited to show you these gorgeous, brand new polishes from Philly Loves Lacquer! I've been crushing on this brand for a while now so when I received the email about swatching for Esther, I nearly jumped a hole in the roof, you can imagine :D So AAAHHH don't make me wait, just check out these swatches!

The collection is called Summer Down The Shore and it's inspired by various places along the Jersey Shore where Esther spent the summer during her childhood. This is what I love about indies, the personal touches are literally mixed in with the polish!

There's two more polishes in this collection for you to enjoy, so be sure to check out the reviews from other bloggers for a complete view of the Summer Down The Shore collection!

How do you like my picture by the way? I made the little chair myself :D

Island Beach

This is one of my favorites from the collection! Gah, what am I saying, I have so many favorites...

Island Beach is a sand colored scattered holo polish, but it somehow gets this pearly look with a color that's neither silver nor gold. It's really special to me because I usually hate pearly polishes, I feel they look cheap. This one definitely doesn't!
You can clearly see the holo pigment when you look up close. Isn't it gorgeous?
The formula was awesome to work with! The polish dries fast and despite its pearly appearance, I did not experience any brush strokes. It also didn't have the run of the mill holo issues, like leaving bald spots and dragging (as goes for all of the holos in this review). I used three coats to reach opacity.
The holo is slightly visible in regular indoor lighting, giving it a beautiful glittering sheen. When the sunlight hits it, wowee! The holo becomes very visible and gorgeous! I was playing with my nails to find the right angle for this picture, and I still don't think it does the polish justice.

Oooh another stunner! I love this color so much!

Absecon just has the perfect light blue color for summer. This reminds me of laying in the grass on my back, looking at the sky and smelling the world around me heat up from the sun's warmth. That smells sooo good...
Look at that holo! It looks like fairy dust was infused in it, so gorgeous! It sparkles in indoor lighting, giving it the feeling of an extra dimension. It's not an in-your-face linear holo like for instance the Color Club holos, it's more subtle than that.
I had no formula issues whatsoever. The base for all of these polishes is very self-leveling, and they shine like crazy without a top coat! They dry VERY fast so working fast while applying it is important. I used two coats to reach opacity.
The holo, ahhh the holo. It's just marvelous. I don't use that word often but I think it's perfect in this situation. This one is a linear by the way, while Island Beach and Wildwoods By The Sea are both scattered holos.
Wildwoods By The Sea

Wildwoods By The Sea, another holo! Another stunner! Another favorite of mine! Actually, a favorite of just about anybody. If your jaw drops at seeing this one, please don't feel embarrassed. It's not just you! This polish just seems to have that effect on people.
And hold on to your pants loves, because this baby is a ONE COATER! Yes it sure is! I don't think I've ever met an indie (holographic) one coater, have you? It's what I love about this polish!

It's so creamy and nice, the formula is amazing to work with. I swear, Wildwoods By The Sea is a dream!!
I don't know what it is exactly that this polish reminds me of, but it's all good things, I assure you. The holographic pigment gives it a sort of silverish gleam. I usually find that distracting in a colored polish but it suits this polish so well <3
The holo is stronger in this one, maybe it's the color of the polish, I don't know. It just feels stronger and STILL my pictures don't do it justice!
Under The Boardwalk

Are you hearing what I'm hearing? Yep, that song by The Drifters keep popping into my head when I read the name. I have that a lot with polish names, I have to read it only in passing and a song with similar lyrics will be stuck in my head. Oh well...

At first glance, this polish might look like an ordinary black. But oh no, it's so much more than that!
A closer look reveals the gorgeous purple shimmer that makes this polish so special. A good top coat will make it stand out more than without a top coat, by the way.

This took two coats to get opaque, one coat might have done it but I wanted to be sure not to have any bald spots. They're hard to spot with this color, so I didn't want to skimp on coats!
And when it's mattified, the color changes completely! This is actually closer to the actual color of the polish, which is a medium to dark grey, appearing close to black in most lighting. The shimmer becomes more pronounced when a matte top coat is applied, that's what I wanted to show you.
On The Way To Cape May

Oh boy, a red polish... On The Way To Cape May is my least favorite polish in this review. This is totally just an issue of personal taste, I have something against red. It's probably how it looks with my skin tone, as you can see it doesn't match well.
I tried SO hard to get the photos to display the color of the polish accurately, and this is as close as I can get. It's a red jelly with a hint of pinkishness about it. There's also this great shimmer in the mix that shows off the jelly really well!
You'll need 3 - 4 coats to get rid of any visible nail line, that's normal for a jelly polish. And if you're a fan of red, this polish will be perfect for you! It's amazing quality, all of these polishes are. I know they'll make more appearances on this blog, starring in some nail art creation of some sort. My dad LOVES red and he's in love with this polish. I own exactly two red polishes now, so it's gonna be a fight between them when I have to choose one to wear for Father's Day!
Meet Me At Morey's

Fun, fun, fun! When I saw this polish, I didn't think I would like it one bit, haha! But it turned out to be awesome, just a very happy polish and great combination of glitters.
I found so many cool glitters in this mix, ranging from tiny silver and purple ones & some medium hex glitters in all colors, to bigger round glitters, and even some holographic ones! And ooooohhh dem tiny stars that I love so much!
I also saw some donut glitters that I feel kinda ambiguous about, hahaha! They didn't make it onto the brush while I was applying this polish, but I didn't have to fish for glitter, they came out to play of their own accord!

Some dabbing will be required to get the glitters evenly distributed over the nail. I didn't mind it though, the polish dries fast enough to make the thickness of the glitter coat a non-issue. Plus, how amazing is the suspension base for holding up the glitter perfectly??!!
I leaned to mattify glitter from the swatching goddess Accio Lacquer, so here it is :D Prettyyy!!!

And this, my beautiful ladies, brings me to the end of my review already... aawww...

Make sure to visit the Philly Loves Lacquer shop to score these awesome beauties, they're available right NAO!! You should also take a good long look at her Facebook, her Twitter and ofcourse her Instagram (I'm on IG almost 24/7, love it!) to make sure you don't miss any new swatches, updates and more fun stuff!

A BIIIG hug to Esther for letting me play with your babies, I thoroughly enjoyed myself while making these swatches for you! I hope it shows!

I received all of the Philly Loves Lacquer polishes in this article as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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