Saturday, August 23, 2014

Nail art inspired by Ann Marie Bone

Hey ladies!! About two months ago, I found a painting by Ann Marie Bone called 'Dreams Of Elysium'. MAN if you have not seen this artist, you should totally check her out! Her paintings are so vivid and colorful, I want to recreate all of them! Click to see what I made!

So those were the big pictures, I HAD to include them so you you can see all of the tiiiiiny tiny details!

This was my inspiration *points to the left* I love the details, the colors, the dreamy look... All of it! I had a really hard time finding anything I wanted to recreate but when I saw this one, I immediately knew this was it. It's just perfect.
But guys... 7 hours of work. I started one afternoon, worked all through the day until I lost the light and then I had to top coat and continue the next morning. By then, I was SO SICK of this mani! The tiny details on the bridge nearly killed me! Haha! So much work, but it looks awesome, I think.

And ofcourse I have some pictures of the process, just for fun. But be warned, these were taken with my crappy phone and not with the DSLR I normally use! Also, no cleanup!

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