Saturday, August 9, 2014

Comparison: Gothic Gala Lacquers S.F. Take 2 vs. the original Something's F*cky

Hiiii girls! I have my first comparison post for you guys! I received Gothic Gala Lacquers S.F. Take 2 for review (along with the Burlesque Girls collection and the Rave collection) which is a remake of the original Something's F*cky. Since I've had the original in my collection for a while, I figured this would be fun to compare the two, see how they stack up! Click to read my thoughts!

First, let's take a look at S.F. Take 2 on its own, shall we? It's a beautiful deep mossy green polish that has a somewhat teal hue to it. The holo is strong in this one, yes!

Application is smoooooth like a baby's bottom, and it dries like the wind. Whoosh! It's so shiny and it dries rock hard. And also, because the coverage is ah-some! I chose to do thin coats so I applied two for these photos, but one thicker coat would definitely be enough! I must admit I'm guilty of grabbing any of my Gothic Gala Lacquers holos when I'm in a hurry, for exactly these reasons. They don't need a top coat on top and I'm done in a jiffy. Yes, I said it. Jiffy.
Especially in sunlight, the holo flares up beautifully! You can also see the deep green tint more in bright lights, I think this is beautiful and I've always been a big fan of dark green on my nails. It looks awesome with my skin tone!

But how do the two versions compare?
Let's see! In this photo, I have applied the original Something's F*cky to my index and ring finger nails. S.F. Take 2 is on my middle finger and pinkie nails.

S.F. Take 2 is described as a blackened version of the original. I'm not sure if that is the right description... hmm... I would say that S.F. takes a big step towards green, while the original Something's F*cky leans more towards blue, thus being more of a teal color compared to S.F. Take 2.
Furthermore, the holo is noticeably stronger in S.F. Take 2. If you would just take a second to click on the picture of your left, to see it fullscreen, you can actually SEE the holo pigment being more concentrated in S.F. Take 2 on the right half, than in Something's F*cky on the left half.

My opinion! Yay, that's what you came here for, isn't it? No? Aww... well I'm gonna give it to you anyways. I think both of these polishes are awesome and well deserving of A-status. Do you need them both? Hmm... If you're into high quality, fast drying, smooth applying, brilliantly shining, awesomely opaque, beautifully colored polish... then I say go for it! They're definitely different enough to make me notice the difference as soon as I unpacked my new bottle. Something's F*cky isn't available anymore, but S.F. certainly is, so make sure to check out the Gothic Gala Lacquers Etsy website. Also, be sure to visit her Facebook page and her Instagram profile and follow while you're there!

I received Gothic Gala Lacquers Something's F*cky and S.F. Take 2 as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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