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Gothic Gala Lacquers brings us the Burlesque Girls collection!

Heya hola ladies! Let me introduce you to these lovely Burlesque Girls, brought to you by Gothic Gala Lacquers! I'm very excited that Samantha has asked me to review for her again, because I'm absolutely in LOVE with this brand :D Click to read my review!

Who is up for some MAJOR awesomeness? *salutes* This collection will make your eyes pop, your tongue go numb and your brain explode, so be warned... Based out of Eureka, CA, Gothic Gala Lacquers is definitely one of my favorite indie brands. I've seen this brand grow from the first grand opening into a gorgeous, professional looking brand with a completely unique style. Every aspect of the indie experience is perfectly thought out by Samantha, from color & quality to labels & packaging. And have I raved about these long caps yet? They make a perfect coat of polish so easy! Soo..... let's go meet these gals!
Gypsy Rose Lee

I'd like you to meet Gypsy Rose Lee! She's a sparkly gal and loves the spotlight. A deep rose colored holographic polish with a beautiful shine.
She can dance all night because her formula dries fast and rock hard, so she can party without worrying about chipped nail polish. Perfection is high on her list of priorities!
The lovely feminine rose color complements her personality perfectly. But she has an edge to her!
She's the kind of gal that will smile and bat her eyes, while spewing the most heinous insults at her nemesis. But isn't that how we like our ladies? Soft on the outside, with a creamy core of bitchiness on the inside :-p

Sinfully Stephanie

The name says it all, this lady is a sinner. She will steal your heart with her beauty and you can never get it back! As a blue leaning darker purple, she has so much sparkle it will make your eyes hurt.
I mean, LOOK at her! The pictures say it all. There's no denying her, and two coats were all I needed to get hooked. The formula is smooth and thick and goes on like a dream. Minimal cleanup is needed because of the awesome elongated cap. I'm showing all of these ladies with a top coat!

Unfortunately, our dear Stephanie had a little accident... when I murdered her all over the kitchen floor. Watch out ladies, butterfingers can be deadly! Actual tears were cried. Should you ever be clumsy enough to drop, spill or fling polish anywhere, pour sugar over it immediately! This is the very best polish related tip I can give you because I swear, it saves time, floors and sanity. See, the sugar clumps up the polish, making a nice sugary crunchy mess that you can just sweep up. I only had to wipe the floor with some remover and in 10 minutes, it was all gone... except for the nice purple splatter on the wall that my dad calls 'our new kitchen art' and he asked if I could add some more colors to it *facepalm*
Dannie Diesel

Yaaaay here we have Dannie Diesel! She might be my favorite, but I could say that about all of the Burlesque Girls. Dannie is a flashy blue holographic polish, just that perfect shade of blue that reminds you of precious gemstones.
Ha! But precious she ain't! This lady is a stunner with a kick. She has style, but knows how to take care of herself in a fight.
Yet her beauty is unparalleled, gorgeous in every way and she's easy to work with. Two coats of Dannie brings you this awesome sparkle that you won't soon forget.
Lili St. Cyr

Ahhh Lili St. Cyr... my dear Lili... She's a sweetheart. Lady smartypants, but quiet. The other ladies outshine her a bit, but she doesn't mind. She knows her own worth and secretly she. Is. AWESOME.
Again, two coats of Lili will do the trick. Easy-peasy, she's a compliant girl and you won't have any trouble with her.
You know how they say that still waters run deep? Well, that. Exactly that.
Sassy Citrine

And here we have Sassy Citrine! A light mustardy gold color, Citrine honors her quarts namesake. As multi-faceted as the quarts itself, she's a lady who knows a little bit about everything. She's Wikipedia-light, you can come to her with any question and she'll know the answer.
She's helpful and wise, but she likes to get her freak on when the sun comes out! Two coats of this gal and the party can start :D

Opal Jamila

There's no messing with this girl. She's not perfect and she doesn't require you to be either, but she's honest and she'll call you out on your crap.  But she's a lot of fun and carries herself with grace, as the sparkly, pearly polish she is.

Jamila is a little bit hard to work with, she requires three coats and shows some bubbles here and there. A bit of thinner would probably fix this.
Her sparkle is a little bit less than the other girls, but what she lacks in holo, she compensates for in pearly shine. All in all she's a great gal to have around!
Krystal Sparkle

Say hi to Krystal! She's a girl for all occasions, just layer her over a different color and *poof* a whole different effect! Here she is over black, and she takes on a shiny, almost gold metallic look. It's weird, but totally fitting.
In the mood for more of a barbie look? Then layering Krystal over OPI Feeling Hot Hot Hot is a good option for you! I added in an accent nail of white, topped with one coat of Krystal Sparkle, to show you the chique and sophisticated side of this lady.
Let's take a closer at her, shall we? You can see the individual flakies in the polish. There's a lot of them packed closely together, that's why one coat is enough. Just make sure to spread her evenly over the nail because you can easily see irregularities in the denseness of the flakies. But then again, I'm a terrible perfectionist!

The light reflects different colors so perfectly! Also, click on the picture for an even closer look, I dare ya ;-)
Awwww that's all the gorgeous girls we have for today.... But don't you worry your pretty little head! There's more awesomeness to come because I also want to show you the Rave collection!!!

If I made you drool, you can get your hands on these beauties yourself on the Gothic Gala Lacquers Etsy website. Also, be sure to check out her Facebook page and her Instagram profile!

Thanks so much for reading and don't forget to share!

I received the complete Gothic Gala Lacquers Burlesque Girls collection as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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