Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A cat's nightmare - glow in the dark nail art with Gothic Gala Lacquers

Hey babes! This poor kitty is being haunted! By pink ghost mice, no less. The gorgeous glow is coming from one of my Gothic Gala Lacquers polishes. It was a custom Samantha made for me as a gift a while back, so it's very special to me :D Ofcourse, because it glows in the dark! Click to see more!

I don't use this polish nearly enough, so I was looking for a good way to showcase it. Samantha has a black cat named Loki, and that's why I chose this design! EDIT: found the original artist that I recreated this from! Look up Mary Doodles because I can't get enough of her sketches. I just feel bad that I copied her without being aware of it!

The pink mice remind me of the Disney movie Dumbo, when he gets drunk, he sees pink elephants flying around. Beware, beware, pink ghost mice on parade! Here they come, hippity hoppity! Pink ghost mice on parade :D

I applied the custom polish first, and made negative space by imagining where the mice would be, and then painting around them with acrylic paint. Then I sponged some pinkish grey acrylic paint around them and painted black outlines. All of this was painted using my Pure Color Glamour #1 brush from Stylish Nail Art Shop.
It's a cat. And he looks like Loki. He's his lookalike, no, Loki-like! Haha! Bad joke... aaanyways, I love this little kitty! It turned out really great, and wasn't hard to paint.

And don't worry. When he wakes up, the creepy ghost mice will be gone :D It's just a bad dream!

Feeling jealous? Ask Samantha for a custom! Mine was a surprise, I love surprises. Go on, visit the Gothic Gala Lacquers shop, you know you want to ;-)

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