Thursday, July 10, 2014

One stroke nail art workshop at ProNails Breda

Helleuuu my ladies! I'll make it short and sweet today :) I want to tell you about the one stroke nail art workshop I attended this Monday at ProNails Breda! I went together with my super bestest nail friend Marlein (@creatinails on Instagram). You know I've been crushing on the one stroke technique for a while, and I thought I would try to learn some new tricks. Well, I did! Click to read more!

The whole workshop lasted about three hours and we started out by learning the basics. This was pretty easy for me, but even the things you think are easy, deserve some extra practice sometimes. The thing I really came here for was to learn the tricks to some more intricate flowers, and how to make the leafy greens because those still eluded me. Three hours was way too little to learn, ask and see everything I wanted to, so I have a LOT of homework! I'll just leave you with these pictures I took:

The black ones on the right are mine, and the three natural colored sticks on the left are Marlein's!

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