Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tropical one stroke flowers on Girly Bits Cosmic Ocean

Nothing to disclose

Heyaaaa ladies! Let me hit you with some more one stroke flowers. Are you sick of them yet? I used Girly Bits Cosmic Ocean over black as the base for this nail art, I've wanted it for what seems like forEVER and I finally broke down and bought it last year! Click to see more!

No video tutorial for this one, sorry! I needed something easy to get my mojo back, it was gone for like two weeks and it was awful. Not sleeping really takes away my ability to paint, while the ideas just keep piling up. Inspiration really is everywhere!

If you need more info on how to do one stroke, be sure to check out my video tutorial about the basics of one stroke (and laugh your ass off at my voice)! There's some nail art coming soon where I'm using one stroke in something other than flowers, because there's way more to this awesome technique :D

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