Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Nail Fail Files - first episode

Hi ladies! I took a short blogging break, we had a death in the furry part of our family so I had to take some time away. I thought we could all use something to laugh about, thus this being the first episode/installment of The Nail Fail Files! These are all designs that didn't quite 'have' it, and didn't make it to the blog for various reasons. Read and enjoy!

Sooo... stamping. Ever since I got my squishy stamper and it became easy to stamp, it's not bringing me the same satisfaction of doing a decent hand painted design. Also, my fingers look weird in this picture! There's just so many things off, that it got stuck in my 'reserve' folder and just never got posted.
Haaahahahaha what's this mess?! I *think* I was going for a watercolor type thing but the difference between the colors was too harsh. I topped it with a sheer polish to try and blend it a little bit. When all else failed, I tried to save it with studs and rhinestones. Don't you just love panic jumps like that? Hahaha I do!
And then this one. It's cute, it's appropriate for Easter. So the problem? By the time I had taken the pics, edited and watermarked them, Easter was over. I felt weird about posting an Easter mani right after Easter, so I left it. And now here it is!
This is the worst of these four! I tried this maybe five different times, and believe it or not, this one was the best. And it still sucks. I was doing these for a cat-themed collab on Instagram, so I ended up doing something completely different right before the deadline.

I think being critical about our own work is helpful (up to a certain point, which I am way past, I admit) and drives us to do better. I just thought I'd share with you guys what messes I make, that not every design turns out great and that you don't have to feel bad about it! The great thing about nail polish is: you take it off and you start over!

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