Friday, October 17, 2014

Monsters under the bed, glow in the dark nail art!

Hey babes! Are you afraid of stuff under your bed? I'm a huge scaredy cat, so when it gets dark in my room, I always think I hear or feel stuff and if I need to get up in the middle of the night, I take a sprint away from my bed. I'm that big of a wimp! I thought this idea would be perfect for some glow in the dark Halloween nail art, so be sure to come check it out!

With the lights on, you can hardly see the ghouls under the bed. It's just a normal room that I painted using acrylic paints. I had a lot of fun sponging the background because sponging looks great with minimal effort and it's an ideal base for nail art. Just cut off a piece of makeup sponge and go to town on it!
In the dark, the eyes under the bed light up and give the whole scene a creepy look. I made the text light up as well as the window because it was only natural that there was some light coming through the window.
I used two glow top coats that I made myself using some supplies that I bought at Misfits On 8th about a year ago. I had never used them until now and look! Pretty pretty glow!
And this text, MAN this text nearly killed me! I didn't want to do 'easy' letters, so ofcourse I had to go for a serif font. For those of you who didn't spent years of their life in college learning about trivial things like this, a serif font has those little feet and flags on the letters, instead of just cutting off like a sans serif font (like the one I'm writing in right now).

Great. Now I can't ever change my blog's font without coming back to this post. Well done!
Not only did painting the text kill me, but also photographing it. The darn reflection, that I love so much, kept getting in the way and wiping out most of my details! Oh well. You know what you're looking at, right?

Sooooo how are you guys liking my new, fresh take on Halloween nails? I've been trying to come up with designs that are non-traditional, and also scary, but not TOO scary because hey, little kids look at my blog and nail art too. So tell me in the comments what makes the hairs in your neck stand up in the middle of the night!

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