Monday, October 20, 2014

Epic Zombie Story (5 manis!!!) + video tutorial!!!!

Yeshhhh it's time for another nail art story! Since it's almost Halloween, I thought I'd tell you about the zombie apocalypse. I'll also show you how to paint this yourself in a video tutorial. This one has a surprising ending, so you'll want to come check it out!

I used HerĂ´me Oslo for the base and all of the background effect were done using acrylic paint and a piece of makeup sponge. The silhouettes are made with my Basic Gold One detail brush from Christrio Scotland and also acrylic paint.

Here's a couple holding hands. They're clearly in love, so cute! Nothing special in this picture, right?
They kiss! But hey, what's that?? Something is creeping up from the right, but they don't even see it! Nooooo......
And the guy gets his brains eaten! Oh no! The girl screams but there's nothing she can do to save him now. Guess the zombie is having a nice meal today :-p

Look at that yucky mouth of his! I tried to paint lines of saliva and decay and I made the gaping hole of his mouth bigger. The curve of my nails is getting in the way of seeing the whole silhouette.
The girl has amazing courage so she pulls out her shotgun and starts shooting the zombies through the head! More are creeping up behind her, I hope she sees them in time! And she must be running low on ammo by now...

This is the picture that started the whole idea for this series. I came by some art made by David Allen Reeves, he does amazing silhouette photography and art and he did something very similar to this. I saw it and this story formed in my head. I changed the guy to a girl though, because girls kick ass!
But then, suddenly, a UFO appears in the sky! She looks up in surprise, completely dumbfounded by what that UFO is doing here. A hatch opens up at the bottom of the spacecraft and a beam starts lifting up all the zombies! They're disappearing into the hatch, to be probed, experimented on or to be used as slaves. Who knows what?! And who cares?! The aliens ended the zombie apocalypse and our heroine lives to fight another day :D
I know you guys love to pin these stories of mine, so here's a collage of all of them together in a story. Go ahead and flood Pinterest with it!

I'll also show you how to make a zombie of your own :D Sponge your background using acrylic paint. Do it carefully like this: put down some paint on a surface and dab your sponge in it. Then dab your sponge a couple of times on a tissue or on paper until there's not a lot left, and THEN sponge your nail. You will get a much more subtle effect that way. I used light beige for the background, dark grey for the bottom and a little bit of brown to make the dirty grunge look.

First you'll want to draw thin lines for the grass, go from the tip upwards so you'll have a thick line at the base that gets thinner as you go up. Just make some fast lines for an organic effect. Then, paint your outline! I don't have any real instructions for this step, just some tips: keep watching the proportions of your silhouette. Don't make the legs too long or too short, just make sure that everything looks right when compared to another body part. Ofcourse, it is a ZOMBIE so you don't have to be too precise. When I was done painting the body, I gave him some tiny lines under his arms and legs, these are the rags of clothes that he's torn during his zombie adventures.

Put some top coat on it, this can also be a matte top coat if you want, and you're done!

Also, let's take a moment to revisit past stories: the Epic Love Story that started it all, the Epic Day At The Zoo, the Epic Summer Story and now this one :D All of this would never have come into existence if it wasn't for one truly amazing and inspiring wedding cake by Clairella Cakes. This lady is SO creative, her designs keep blowing me away!

Music "Zombie" by Hi-Rez
Available on the Free Music Archive
Under CC BY license

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