Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Epic love story nails (five manis!)

Ermahgerd helleuuuu!!! Check out what I made! Well not the cake obviously, that gorgeousness is the work of Clairella Cakes! I just made a series of nails inspired by the cake. Click to see more!

So whatcha think? I painted the silhouettes with black acrylic paint, using my Pure Color Glamor #1 detail brush from @stylishnailartshop. I mattified the designs using Essie Matte About You because they were a big problem to photograph properly, but I think it worked fine after this trick!

For the blue gradient, I used acrylic paint. It was new for me to make a gradient with acrylic paint but it worked really well. It needed a few extra coats, but it dried fast and was easy to blend (and to clean up!). I didn't have the right colors for the gradient, that's why I resorted to paint. Actually, I didn't have exactly the right color for a lot of these gradients, so they deviate from the cake a little.

For this purple gradient, I used HerĂ´me Dakar, OPI Rumple's Wiggin' and a brandless glow in the dark polish that I got from eBay.

And the pink gradient starts out with OPI Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot! at the bottom, and the lighter colors are, again, glow in the dark polishes from eBay.

Oooh this one is pretty! The yellow color at the top is Only You Banana Split and the other two polishes I used are (sorry...) glow in the dark polishes from eBay! Let's see if we can say that 10 times fast!

Glow in the dark polishes from eBay, glow in the dark polishes from eBay, glow in the dark polishes from eBay, glow in the dark polishes from eBay... never mind...

I only used two colors for this last gradient, and they are OPI Alpine Snow and Only You Banana Split. I deviated from the color scheme on the cake! Oh no! I tried doing the gradient with OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons at first, it's a nude color, and it just looked so... yucky! It didn't look at all like the cake. So I chose to do mine yellow to white.
And that's it for this series! I hope you liked it :D

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