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Jior Couture Zodiac collection

Hi sweeties! I have three gorgeous polishes for you today! Jior Couture sent me three of their babies again to try out, and OMG I had fun with these! They're very versatile, so let's not delay. Click to see my swatches!

Jior Couture is an indie brand located in the US. Never heard of them? You should check out the previous review I did for them! Their polishes are all beautiful, great quality, fast drying time and I'm especially honored because they don't ship outside of the 48 contiguous states of the US (except for me, and there are plans to be shipping internationally in the future). Thank you so much for giving me this great opportunity, Sacha!

I will be showing you three shades from their brand spankin' new Zodiac collection, based on... well yes, the Zodiac signs. I myself am a Virgo so let's look at that one first!

The Virgin

Did someone say 'barbie pink'? Yeah, it's the kind of pink that will make you feel like a girly-girl. I love it!

Virgo is a gorgeous holographic pink thermal polish that transitions from pink when it's warm, to a deep purple color when it's cold. I have pics of all the different transitions, don't you worry!

My problem with this polish is that it's really sheer. Shown here are three coats and I still have an in-your-face visible nail line. I know some people don't really mind when theirs is showing, but I don't like mine and I feel uncomfortable wearing it like this.
When you apply 6 coats, it reaches opacity. Yes, you read that right, SIX coats. This polish is described as a holo thermal jelly and while some jellies reach opacity with only 2 - 3 coats, this one definitely doesn't. It's the only thing I have to say about this polish that's not absolutely glowingly positive, because everything else is just top-notch!

The jelly shine is definitely a great aspect of this polish and I love love love this perfectly smooth surface! I took my swatch pics without top coat to show you just this. Also, I noticed that top coat makes the thermal pigment in this polish behave differently...

I always add top coat at the end of a polish session. I was wearing Virgo and I was really disappointed in how the thermal reacted (or rather, a lack of transition). I kept it under cold running water within an hour of application, and it didn't freaking change! So frustrating! I hate having to tell indie makers that the polish they worked so hard on is crap, so I decided to try again. I applied Virgo to freshly base coated nails and this did the trick! No top coat means a smooth color transition.

With topcoat made it a little harder, and when I 'iced' my nails (this swatching gig is rough, I swear!) the tip of my nails were the only part turning purple. I guess because the cold water could reach them on both sides of the nail, and the top coat works as a kind of shielding for the rest.
Without top coat, my nails easily turned purple in cold water. I love this color and I love thermal to play with! When I rubbed my fingers softly over the purple, it turned pink wherever I touched it. So cool!
Six coats of polish makes my nails look thick, hahaha! I didn't really mind this part, at least I'm less likely to scratch myself, right?
The archer

Hey look at this! This is my favorite of the bunch!

Sagittarius is a gorgeous blue periwinkle-like polish that has everything: holo sparklies, thermal color shift and.... opacity! Indeed, in shrill contract with Virgo (and Libra also), this polish only needs 2 - 3 coats to reach opacity. It still has the amazing shine of a jelly and it's so easy to work with!

I swatched this polish without top coat as well. It held the color transition really well without having to warm it up or cool it down. Just by applying it, I got this great gradient look that I love so much about thermals.

The holo pigment in all of these polishes reminds me of diamond dust! So gorgeous in indoor lighting, and even more gorgeous in the sunlight. It sparkles so brightly, I love it!
When it's completely cold, this polish shift to the most beautiful purple color that has some blue undertones. I really love both the warm and the cold state of this polish, which makes it perfect for me!

I really believe that if you want to wear a thermal polish, that you should like both colors. No use walking around wanting to be cold, just because you don't like your polish when it's warm, right? Actually, I think most of us would be nuts like that!
Would blurple be the right word to describe this color? Sagittarius in its cold state is really a sight, I think. And the fact that I only needed 3 coats to get to this result makes me even happier :D
Look at that perfect gradient look! There's not much to say about Sagittarius, except that I love it and it's everything I've ever wanted in a thermal. I know that sounds corny but it's the honest truth :D
The scales

Another sheer polish. Shown here is three coats of Libra without top coat. It's also a holo thermal jelly and this polish has some additional micro glitter in blue, which makes the surface a little bit less smooth but the polish just the more intriguing!

Because of the sheerness of this polish, I wanted to find out how to harness the power of the sheerness and use it to your advantage. I have some examples at the end of the blog post!
Libra comes to a muted sky blue when it reaches opacity with 6 coats. I can still vaguely see my nail line but it doesn't bother me. You can see some of the glitter breaking through the surface of the polish in this picture. It's not annoying though, and I think it's a nice difference from Virgo and Sagittarius.
The holo is strong in this one, yes! This diamond dust sparkle might just ruin all other holos for me, I swear :-p
The deep blue color that it transitions to when it's cold is very similar to the way it looks when it's warm. I didn't mind this, but please keep in mind that the difference in color isn't that obvious and that you'll get more of a subtle gradient when it's between states. I kinda like it that way,

The thermal pigment in Libra worked the same way as it did in Virgo. I ran the same experiments with and without top coat, and came to the conclusion that top coat diminishes the thermal effect. When you don't put top coat on this baby, it will transition from cold to warm and vice versa, with only the minimal amount of change in temperature. That's what I like!

On the other hand, if you want Libra to hold on to its color, all you have to do is put a bit of top coat on it and it'll stay there.
Jelly sandwich

Ofcourse these jellies would be perfect for... a jelly sandwich! Because of the sheerness of this polish, you can make a cool jelly sandwich combo. Here, I used Polish Alcoholic 00:00 on top of the 6 coats of Libra I already had on my nails. I made a sort of glitter gradient with it and then I added a layer of Libra on top of that! It makes the glitter look like it's infused in the polish, while still retaining the gorgeous holographic glitter. I love it!

Aaaaand also, you can make crazy combos when you use this polish over another one. In this picture, I painted all of my nails with Jior Couture Spoken For. You can see the original color on my index finger, because the ombre effect is achieved by simply adding more coats of Libra. Because this polish is blue, it creates a great build up towards purple. Each nail has one more coat of polish, so my pinkie is blessed with three coats of jelly goodness!

If you haven't had enough of these polishes and you want to purchase them for yourself (which I will COMPLETELY understand!), head over to the fancy Jior Couture website to get your grabby little hands on them before they sell out for good! You can also follow Jior Couture on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates and regular coupon codes (who doesn't love those?).

I received the Jior Couture polishes in this article as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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