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I lost my heart to the Jior Love Collection!

Well hello there! I have a treat for you, and it comes in the form of three delicious polishes and a top coat! I received these polishes yesterday from Jior Couture to show you guys, they're called Love Bound, Spoken For and Captured Love, and the top coat is called Cover Me. I'm very happy because they are freaking amazing! Seriously, click here to see the photos I took!

Love Bound

Let me start by saying that I am not a fan of red. I've never liked the color so I knew I wouldn't be able to gush about it. Soo... I went to the one person I know who is an expert on red: my dad! His favorite color is red, and in his expert opinion, this is the most gorgeous red he's ever seen. He took my nails and started stroking them, that's how much he loves this red. He would have cuddled them against his face if I didn't stop him. So I guess this is an excellent red polish!
Love Bound is a beautiful red that I would describe as 'pure' red. It's not dark, but also not the bright firetruck red. It has a shimmer that makes me like this polish just a tiny little bit...

The polish is pretty translucent, one coat might give it an excellent 'stained glass' look. It took me three coats to reach this level of opacity and I was satisfied with this result.
The quality, I have to tell you, is excellent. It felt a little bit runny at first but Love Bound is actually really great to work with. Because of the consistency, it spreads easily without too many brush strokes, it's self leveling and you automatically get a perfectly thin coat that dries really freaking fast. I really liked working with this polish despite the fact that it's red, just for this reason! Yeah I know, I'm hating on the red again, but what can I say... It's just really really NOT my color!
That didn't keep me from looking at my swatch pics critically though, and I noticed the shimmer looked particularly awesome in my light box. I take pictures in my light box because the light is just awful in the winter, it's one of the many polish-related downsides to living in the Netherlands.

I can change the lighting when it suits the polish better, so some polishes have the reflection of the overhead lamp to show off beautiful shimmers, while other polishes get a more all-round lighting because they look better without the glare.
Here you see what happens to Love Bound when you don't see the reflection of the overhead lamp: the shimmer disappears. This is what you'll experience when wearing the polish, sometimes you see it, sometimes you don't! It's like magic!

I used the top coat Cover Me over all of these polishes, and with Love Bound, it seemed to pick up some of the color because later, there was a bright red spot on the bottom of my top coat bottle. This might have been the fact that it was a mini, the brush may have been a bit harder than with regular polishes. It's hard to tell.
This is Love Bound in natural light. I'd say, if you're a lover of reds, then this is definitely a must-have! It was like catnip to my dad, soo... yeah that doesn't say much, he's nuts! (but I love him dearly)
Spoken For

Now we're talking! Pink is my kinda color, all the way! Spoken For is so gorgeous, and the holo, ooh la la!!!

Spoken For is a perfect bright pink creme polish that has the perfect consistency. It's sparkling with a fine grade holo prettiness that doesn't give it the explosion of rainbows, but just a hint of 'ooh look, that's pretty!'. The upside to this is that it's pretty in every kind of lighting, you don't need bright (sun)light to see the holographic effect. But I'll show you that later!
When this polish appeared out of the envelope, I was in above mentioned 'ooh look, that's pretty!' mode immediately, and I never got down from it. I just really love this shade of pink, and any shade, really. It has pretty great coverage so I only needed two thin coats. Again, this polish has a really nice formula as well, making application smooth as a baby's um... underside... and drying time was excellent. It dries so super shiny that I almost didn't feel like adding a top coat. But, for top coat testing purposes, I did, so what you're seeing here is all top coated!
In case I didn't say it clear enough yet, I LOVE Spoken For! It's the perfect color pink, it suits my personality because it's bright with colorful sparkles and it's just. So. Smooth! Without effort, you get a beautiful shiny coat of pink on your nails. Like Barbie nails, but better.

It also makes me look a bit more tan, which it a plus for me with my super pale skin.
Okay, but what was I talking about? Right, Spoken For! I'm not spoken for... I currently don't have a boyfriend, if you don't count the five hot cuddly guys I have locked up in a cage in my room... I can take them out any time I want and they give me lots of kisses!!! If you have no clue what I'm talking about and think I'm probably crazy, check out this post right here. It will make sense to you then, I promise.
I don't think there's anything bad I can say about this polish... It has no downsides. So let's continue to the proof I was talking about earlier, the proof that this polish sparkles equally in any lighting.
I turned my led light on my nails and this is all the sparkle I got. I held my hand in a tiny ray of sunshine this morning (the only sun we had all week, or so it feels like) and the sparkle was about the same. Okay, maybe it would have been prettier with a little more sparkle...

Spoken For in natural light proves that it is just SO shiny! And see how well it goes with my skin tone? I really like that!

Captured Love

This here is a really interesting polish. I didn't notice the holo effect at first, but it attracted me when I started polishing.

Captured Love is a purple creme polish with gold flakes, black micro glitter and fine grade holo dust. I would describe the color as a Royal purple. I set up my camera and light box to take pictures that are as close to the actual color as I can get them, so what you see here is pretty much what you get! Do keep in mind though that color can vary from screen to screen.
I really love this color! The flakies aren't in your face as I would have expected, which I love love love :D It's just a hint of gold here and there, giving it the illusion of a hidden treasure. The holographic effect also isn't as super strong, just like with Spoken For. I like this kind of holo better, I think, because it doesn't get that weird dull metallic look in the shade.

The glitters and flakies give it a really interesting look! Almost like crushed berries of some sort...
I used the Cover Me top coat over Captured Love too, and this was just a perfect match. Captured Love was slightly bumpy, not to feel but I could see it, and my silly perfectionism reared its ugly head again. I applied two coats of Cover Me to make it smooth and pretty *ahhh relieved sigh*
As for Captured Love itself, I applied two coats but someone with a less annoyingly visible nail line could probably do with only one coat! It's a really pigmented polish but there was no staining, and it just makes for a beautiful, deep color.

The polish goes on so easily! The flakies are super thin so you can't even notice they're there, same goes for the micro glitters. There was nothing different about application, it was like using a regular creme polish. Gorgeous, smooth and it dried really quickly!
I have to say it... I'm getting that 'yummy' feeling again, like I always do when something is pretty. I can almost taste it. It sounds nuts but it's just the effect that my Autism has on my senses, it links them together so when I hear a loud noise, I close my eyes or when I see a bright light, I don't close my eyes but my mouth. So when something it pretty, I get the feeling that it will taste good as well. Weird, right?

By the way, check out the beautiful gold flakies in the bottle... I do love the polish on the nail more than in the bottle!!!
I used my trusty led light friend again and it shows us that the holo is there and it's beautiful! I feel like the holographic effect is just a bit stronger in Captured Love than it is in Spoken For, but it really does the polish justice in this case. I really love how this looks!
I also photographed Captured Love in the daylight. I was glad the light was pretty decent during my swatches because I tried to hurry up and have them on the blog as quickly as possible, since Valentine's Day is Friday already!
After testing it on three polishes, I have some things to say about the top coat... It's called Cover Me and isn't currently for sale on the Jior Couture website. I liked this top coat, but I don't love it. I always use Sally Hansen Insta Dri, the one in the red bottle, and it's my favorite top coat of all time. Cover Me just didn't live up to my standard.

I had some troubles with it though, which could be caused by the mini brush (see how it's a bit too long for the bottle?). Like I mentioned before, it picked up some color from the swatched polishes so I can imagine what a bottle would look like after several manicures. Also, it left strokes on the surface. I'm a terrible perfectionist and I can't stand bubbles or brush strokes!

These troubles might just be caused by the brush of the mini bottle. The top coat also dries fast and it has that great I-didn't-just-polish-my-nails feeling to it, which is great.

It also dried up really hard, but not rock hard like I'm used to. I was doing my usual daily routine and scratched my nail on a wooden shelf, and now I have scratches on my index finger nail. I'm not used to anything scratching my polish!

A day later, it has hardened up a lot more but I also gained some more (smaller) scratches on the way. I can dent it slightly with my fingernail if I use enough force, but it smooths back out again.

So it's not a total bust, but not really my favorite either!

So that brings us to the end of my review already! If you like any of these polishes, go over to the Jior Couture shop NOW and don't waste time, because their polishes are limited edition and sell out quickly! You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with new collections and reviews. I wanna say a big THANK YOU to Sacha for sending me some of her beautiful babies to swatch and enjoy. I love them! Thank you so much!

I received all of the polishes in this article as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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