Friday, February 14, 2014

Zoya Dhara textured gradient with stamped hearts

Hiya!!! I know, another blog post??!! You guys must be sick of me already!!! I've been deviating from my normal blogging schedule this week, inserting extra posts in between normal posts. I have a LOT to share with you and I noticed there wasn't much nail art in the mix, so I'm here right now to change that! Hope you like ;-) Click here to see more!

It's kinda Valentine's Day-y but not too obvious, I hope. Did I tell you I love Valentine's Day? It's also my little Aristotle's birthday today, happy birthday baby! He's one year old now! (in case you have no idea what I'm talking about, check HERE)

Anyway, these nails, yeah... I painted a base of Zoya Dhara that I received in my nail mail with the lovely LucĂ­a (check out her blog!) and then I sponged a bit of Essence Me & My Lover on the tips. That name is perfect, isn't it? Hehehe
The texture got really freaking rough from making the gradient, so I did my little trick that I will tell you about later, and stamping on top of that was easy! I chose a heart design for Valentine's Day, and I really like it <3
So pretty and sparkly! I'm not one for orange nor red, not at all, but these grew on me while I was wearing the design.

And ofcourse.... I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day my lovelies! May your lives be filled with love, happiness and all that other good stuff!!!

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