Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Life is deh bubbles!

Hey ladies! Have you ever gotten a song really stuck in your head? I have, so I tried to get it out by writing it on my nails. Turns out, it only gets stuck even worse! So don't try this at home XD But do click here to read more!

So it's inspired by the song 'Under The Sea' from The Little Mermaid! Sebastian (that's the crab) sings a song to her about how she should stay underwater and not go out onto the shore, because everything is way better under the sea. The way he says it: "Life is deh bubbles! Under the sea." And he has an accent, so 'the' sound like 'deh' so that's how I spelled it!

This was crazy fun to make, I'm telling you! I was in a super good mood and I used the new nail art brushes that I got from my mom for Valentine's Day (isn't she a super sweetie???).

The letters were easy, I just painted them on. I typed out my text on the computer and picked out a nice font, so I had an example to go by.
The bubbles were pretty easy too, they go like this: You water down acrylic paint and you put a drop on your nail. Wait a minute, then drain the middle part of the water by putting a brush, a cotton swab or something else on it. I used a piece of tissue paper because it sucks out the water easily and I can make super small pointy bits with it.

Thanks so much for reading my ever so crazy blog posts and I hope you enjoyed! Make sure to follow me on my social media (this week, I prefer Pinterest) and ofcourse share away, my loves!

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