Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rainbow butterflies, hand painted

Holy moly, I am SO proud of these! Check them out! It took me a couple of hours to make this and I had to paint two butterflies in the evening and the other two the next morning. I have more pictures, so click here!

It's funny because I actually didn't set out to make rainbow butterflies... I had seen a cute sponge mani with different colors and ofcourse, China Glaze Fairy Dust on top (LOVE Fairy Dust!) but it didn't work on my nails so I took that off... I did feel like making something with that sponge and I had the colors on my desk already (I have an actual polish desk, so cool!) so I made a rainbow.

I was always fascinated with rainbows, you know...
I used to have these butterfly stickers on the back of my old phone...They're way too big to fit on my nails, but I love the butterflies and I wanted to paint them on my nails a long time ago already. I just couldn't find them anywhere! I knew I kept them separate from the other stickers because they were special to me...

Then this week, I went looking for them again and remembered that I stuck two of them inside a little notebook. So that was my inspiration for the butterflies and the example that was right on front of my nose while painting these. My butterflies!
I actually thought that they were kinda crooked, but everyone kept asking me if they were stickers. They aren't! My dad was even bragging about me in every store we visited, so sweet <3

Oh and he made me an egg for lunch today, in the shape of a heart. He said he felt bad for getting my mom something for Valentine's Day, but not me. Don't I have the sweetest parents ever?
I'm just amazed by these butterflies. I really love them! I love how detailed they are, and how super colorful this whole mani looks. Love, love, love!

I hope you love it just as much as I do! Feel free to share with your friends on social media, I don't mind. Really, I don't!

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