Monday, February 24, 2014

Toxic warning on my nails

Hey! Who's up for a bit of different nail art? Sometimes I get so fed up with butterflies and hearts and flowers, I just crave something not quite so 'rainbows and unicorn puke', you know? So that's where these nails come in! Click to read how I made this!

The weekly challenge in my FB nail art group asked for 'saran wrap nails' this week. So, I got to thinking, what would be a nice color combo to do this with. I've tried the saran wrap technique before and not all the color combos were to my liking. So I went with something totally not my go-to style: black and grey!

So you apply black polish like you normally would, let that really dry and then apply a layer of grey polish. While the grey polish is still wet, take a scrunched up ball of saran wrap and dab it on your nail. The grey polish sticks to it, leaving some places black and other places grey, and it makes a cool pattern.
So now I had my base, but how to proceed? I walked around with this until I saw a toxic warning label in a TV show and it was PERFECT!

I used striping tape to make the yellow borders. That didn't work out exactly as I'd hoped, probably because I was using acrylic paint, so what you're seeing took some touching up with a brush dipped in water.
The warning label is completely freehanded! Yes it is! The label only took me like 5 minutes, it was amazing :-)

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