Monday, February 3, 2014

Fuzzy hearts, nails to cuddle with

Goooooood start-of-the-week to all of you! As you know, Valentine's day is coming soon(-ish) and I looooove V-day! It's one of my favorite holidays <3 All the love and the cookies and the cards, and the love and the cookies and the cards! (trying to rap, it's not working...) Click to see what crazy nail art I made!

I... made... fuzzy hearts! I was cleaning up the craft room and I found this adorable fabric type thing. It looked like a doily but different... So I thought 'why not stick this on my nails?'

As you know, all of us crazy nail art addicts have this thought every once in a while.
So I applied a base color, put a coat of nail foil glue on it and then stuck the fabric onto my nails. Et voilá! Fuzzy freaking nail art! Cutting them to fit my nails was a bit tricky, I have these tiny tiny scissors that are used for making stuff for dollhouses, and I can stick them between my nail and my cuticle and then cut around the nail. It's pretty nifty :D
See how fuzzy it is? I wanna say cuddleable, but I've been told that that isn't an actual word XD Still, it's fuzzy and cute. I just love this, and it was so easy to make!

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