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Easy nail art with Kiss Nail Tattoos

Hello my loves! I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day! It's PiggieLuv's favorite holiday, you know. He dresses up for it all year round LOL Okay, so I have some really easy nail art for you today. Click to find out more because you'll want to read this!

I received some products from the lovely people at Anviri Cosmetics, and they import, distribute and sell a few brands. One of them is Kiss Nails, a brand with a wide range of nail art supplies! Imagine my excitement!!! I'm gonna show you a few this week, starting with the nail tattoos, so keep your eyes peeled!

These Kiss nail tattoos are really easy to use. You can buy them here in the Kiss webshop, they offer lots of good stuff as well as free shipping. Most of their products are also sold at Ici Paris XL.

I made a little tutorial and I have some examples of what you can do with them. I had a lot of fun with these so I hope you enjoy my article!

By the way, don't my fingers look super creepy in this picture? I think it's the neon polish that makes them look so tan!
First, I wanted to experience how these nail tattoos work. I applied them over a nice creamy coat of China Glaze That's Shore Bright. This is a really nice polish by the way, just one coat and it's neon too. I've never met a neon that was opaque with just one coat!

I tried to be too precise with the placement of the tattoos and you really don't have to be, so I'm glad I tried this for myself first. So I can teach you how NOT to do it, you know! LOL

And despite the fact that I received these products for free (yay!), you can trust that my review will be my completely honest opinion!
It's a really cool effect when you apply these nail tattoos over neon polish! Can you imagine wearing these to a party? And it's so easy, and I'm not just saying that because I'm awesome at doing nails (totally not tooting my own horn... or am I).

This product gets my blogger stamp of approval! Hahaha!

My only concern about this product is that in my opinion, €5,99 is kinda steep for a pack of tattoos. You can get two, maybe three manis out of this, so that comes down to €2 per mani. I like doing my own nails to save a buck so I'd rather do hand painted nail art, but it's a great alternative when you want something smashing on your nails, but don't have the time, patience or skills to make something!
You don't need much to achieve this look! Make sure you have this ready:

- Kiss Nail Tattoos (duhh)
- Cotton pads (one will be enough)
- Some water, a bottle is convenient for this
- Your favorite top coat

Start with painting your nails the regular way, any color you choose will be fine but a lighter color will have a nice contrast with the black tattoos.
Make sure your nails are clean and dry before you start, because this could get kind of hairy. Get it? Hairy? Oh my, I'm so funny...

In preparation for your nail tattoos, take the cotton pad and soak it. Really easy: Press it on top of the bottle, turn the bottle upside down for a second and it's done! That's all you need for one hand, so now we can start!

There are two strips of tattoos, one strip for each hand, and all of the separate tattoos have a different size. So you can line up the right size with each nail to make sure they fit nicely. Lay them down on your work space to keep track of which goes where!

Now you peel off the clear plastic from the tattoo, and this is where you have to pay attention to your nails. The side you just took the plastic off of, is kinda sticky. So when you put it down on your nail, make sure it's place correctly. No take backsies! So put the end on your cuticle first and then slowly lower it over your nail, with a motion like a lever.

What's really convenient here is that the smart people who made this product, put an image of the tattoo on the back of the paper. That way, you'll know exactly how to place it!
Carefully press the cotton pad (that you moistened earlier) onto the tattoo and mold it all around your nail. This is why your polish has to be really dry, because if it's not, you get weird spots in your polish.

About 5 seconds is enough! You'll feel the paper start to come loose and you can slide it around.

Now slide it towards the end of your nail, carefully, and remove the paper completely.
Tadaa! This is the result! And this is also a major difference between regular temporary tattoos and these nail tattoos. Regular ones are hard to clean up around the nail and they're soft and break easily. These tattoos stick out at the tips and you can just take them between the fingers of your other hand and pull them down in a 90 degree angle, they'll break off at the right point at the tip!
Now first: top coat! Do this before cleaning up around the cuticles, because you don't want to remove a part of the tattoo on your nail! It's supposed to stay there ;-)

Another difference between regular tats and nail tattoos: these are way easier to clean up. The other ones make weird slimy blobs when you try to wipe away the excess. The Kiss nail tattoos remove easily, maybe even easier than polish...

Et voilá! This is what you get. I added a matte top coat because I like it that way <3 Luv luv luv this!

As you can see, each tattoo has a different design, so you won't get 'boring' nails. Not that they could ever truly be boring with a pattern like this!

I hope you can follow these steps and use your Kiss nail tattoos as easily and with as much fun as I have! I've showed you the purple nails, the green for the tutorial and I have one example left for you (the one in the first pic)...
I used 10 tattoos already, and there are 16 in the package. I hate leftovers that I can't use, so I thought of something really cool. Just cut them up and use the parts! You'll have a completely different mani and you can change it around a bit. Bigger parts make one mani, but smaller ones can make two full manis or even a bunch, if you use them as accents!
They look cool, don't they? I wanted to show you a kind of nude look, but the polish I used was so sheer that I could still see my visible nail line after three coats... I hate those kinds of polishes but I decided to turn this into an advantage. It was an experiment, but I think it worked... I wanted some glitter with the tattoos, but I didn't want it to outshine the tattoos themselves! So what I did was add a coat of glitter, and then put the sheer polish on top of that. I'd say it worked perfectly because I love this look! It's so feminine, but with a kick, don't you think?
I'll have some other cool nail art products to share with you in the next week, so stay tuned! I also received samples of shampoo and conditioner, as well as fake eyelashes. Not sure what to do with those, as I don't use make up, but I'm hoping one of my friends can help me (or will want to be my test subject, MUAHAHA!!!).

Thanks for reading and be sure to visit the Kiss webshop to get some of these tattoos for yourself! Most of their products are also sold at Ici Paris XL

Don't forget to share, share, share!!!

I received the products in this article as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  


  1. These look really great and easy to use. You made these look like a lot of fun, too. I love them over the neons. Great idea, cutting them up as you did.. that makes so much sense! These make me think of the water decals I've used, only a bit different. I think I'd like to try these. Great review!

  2. Those look awesome. Thank you for the photos of it in process too. :)

  3. Beautiful end result, a great and easy to use product. All of your manicures are looking great!


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