Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Neon striped gradient (glow in the dark)

Hey ladies! It's time for more neons, don't you think? I came across this design on an Instagram account called @oliviajade19 and her mani is seriously BRIGHT! She uses neons pretty often which I love, I'm a neon junkie myself. Click to see more pics!

I really love how this looks! Olivia used more colors than I did but since this was my first time using striping tape over a peel off base coat, I decided to take it easy. Yes, you read that right. I used a peel off base coat and it didn't come off when I pulled at the tape. I've been promising a tutorial for forever but it's in the works now! Make sure to follow me on my social media to be the first to know when it's online! (links are up in the side bar on the right)

And what do neons do? They glow under a black light! So pretty! I have these cute little UV flashlights that I use for charging glow polishes. I have one in my nightstand, one at the light box and even one in my purse! Yup, I'm a crazy person who like to check out neon things in stores and charge her nails when it's dark out and she's waiting in the car...

And ofcourse the gloooooow! I just really love glow polishes. I have trouble sleeping and so I wake up in the middle of the night pretty often. Glow polishes keep me entertained and while I'm trying to keep my eyes open to look at them, I slowly start to fall asleep... So it's perfect for me!

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