Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Look what I made with Kiss nail art pens!

Hiya! Would you say that I'm officially a nail polish addict if I find neon pink in my hair? When I painted my nails the exact color just this morning? Yeah... I figured... Aaaanyway, I have a couple of pretty examples of what you can do with Kiss nail art pens, as well as some tips on how to use them aaaand... my thoughts! Click to read!

I received some products from the lovely people at Anviri Cosmetics, and they import, distribute and sell a few brands. One of them is Kiss Nails, a brand with a wide range of nail art supplies! Imagine my excitement!!! I'm showing you a few this week, I started two days ago with the Kiss nail tattoos so be sure to check out that review if you missed it!

These Kiss nail art pens are fun and pretty easy, once you get some tips and tricks from me *wink wink* and they come in different color sets. You can buy them here in the Kiss webshop, they offer lots of good stuff as well as free shipping. Most of their products are also sold at Ici Paris XL.
The set I received included two colors: black and white. That's really nice if you have no pens to start with and they really compliment each other (like, seriously, I overheard them talking and they were giving each other compliments...)

I thought they would be too big to get a decent line with, but they actually have a pretty fine tip! And this is coming from a nail artist who believes that smaller is better ;-)

I have to say that I'm actually not that impressed with the white one. I know that white is a hard color to get opaque, just think about white polishes and white stamping polish. I would like my white nail art pen to be a one coater, because having to re-do a line just tends to mess it up.

I tried the white pen over one of the nail tattoos and I really liked the effect, so I wanted to show you. I noticed that the pen works really nice for tiny dots, way more convenient than a dotting tool or a brush would be. I added dots to the tips of the leaves to give it some depth and look! Really kinda nice, isn't it?

I also noticed that the pens work better over matte nail polish, so I tried adding a matte top coat on some of the designs so the ink stuck to it better.

Actually, I have no clue what's in these pens. It's not polish, so it doesn't smudge when you put on top coat, yay! But what is it then...?

I have some inspirations that I don't have much to say about, so I'll just leave you with these pictures and some conclusions at the very end of my article. Enjoy!

Inspired by Chalkboard Nails:

Inspired by @stylish_mom:

Conclusion: The white nail art pen could be better, it does okay when you draw several lines over each other. Still not super great, I think I'll be using it for tiny dots, but not lines or intricate drawings. Which is kinda sad, because I could have used a white nail art pen with a fine tip like this one!

The black is actually kind of excellent and will be definitely used by me in the future! Easy to use, no squeezing the pen to get polish out, just to get a big glob. It's just really nice and makes beautiful lines. It actually works like a pen which makes nail art feel really easy. Just practice a bit first to get great results!

Thanks so much for reading and check out my Kiss nail tattoos review if you missed it!

I received the products in this article as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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