Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Guest post: A day in the life of an indie maker

Hi girls! Ever wanted to know what a day in the life of an indie maker looks like? I do! I'm VERY excited to introduce to you my next guest poster, the awesome Samantha from the indie brand Gothic Gala Lacquers! You might remember some of my reviews for her brand (here, here, here and here) and how amazed I was by her polishes. Click to read her guest post!

A day in the life of an indie maker

First I should warn you dear readers, there is a reason I don't write. You will soon see why...

If you're looking for glamour, you won't find it here. My day starts with me rolling, half falling out of bed and stumbling to the kitchen. One eye half open, the other open but blurry. A cat meowing at me as I try not to trip over him. I feed him then make coffee,  must have my caffeine.

As you can see, I'm not exactly a chipper morning person. After 2 cups of coffee and more cigarettes than I want to count,  I am finally somewhat functional. Now it's time to answer any possible emails that deal with lost packages or broken polishes. Now I finally get my laptop so I can import new orders...at this point I am fighting off the urge to nap.

Depending on the day, depends what I do next. Today we get to make lollipops! I can hardly control the excitement! It's a tedious task, but it's something that I think adds a personal touch to the customer's package.
On my 3rd cup of coffee and now ready to wrap up the lollipops. Went rather smoothly,  no 3rd degree burns, not a massive mess and the cat was surprisingly well behaved!

2 hours after starting with the candy we are all finished! Time for that nap yet? No? OK then it's off to enter the room of chaos.

This is what I start with everyday, the mess I left from the night before. I clean up and make sure my work area is now suitable to make polish in.

Check to make sure all orders are set up by date,  have my recipes and a list of all polishes I need to make. This way I know if I have more than one of the same color, I can mix them at the same time. Most times however it is just one bottle mixed and poured and then onto the next.
Now after getting a couple orders poured I get to label all the bottles.

Now, my stomach is screaming at me since all it's had all day is coffee and it seems to need food. This is break time.
Make dinner, watch a bit of TV (tonight's feature, Game of Thrones. Fantastic television for dinner time! :/)

Full tummy and now somewhat comatose, it's back to the lab to package up orders,  print out shipping labels and put in a pick up order for the next day.

I turn off the lights,  make sure the cat hasn't gotten in the room before I close the door. Now it's time for a cup of tea and some Supernatural before starting the day all over again.

And that is a day in the life of this indie maker!

~Get Lacquered Up~

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