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Three more mouth watering Gothic Gala Lacquers, lots of swatches!

Hi girls! Are you ready to see more of my swatches? Here are three more mouth watering, eye boggling, high quality Gothic Gala Lacquers! I love them and I love that I get to share them with you! I published my first half of the review on Saturday and today I'm showing you the other half of these beauties. So click, click, click!

Gothic Gala Lacquers has been around for 6 months now and if you haven't heard of this brand, you're missing out! Her facebook page is regularly updated with sales, swatches and all the fun things you can imagine.

Samantha has this superpower, she has the ability to make her customers feel super special! It's no wonder that we all rally around her to admire her beautiful brand, because not only does she spoil her fans, she also knows how to make extraordinary polishes <3

Floor 500

Floor 500 also has superpowers. It looks like a plain polish, pretty dark purple, almost black. But then, when you look closely.... POW! Pretty purple sparkles!

Floor 500 isn't available in the shop just yet, but I asked Samantha about it and she's hoping to list it soon. So if you're drooling over these swatches, keep an eye on the Gothic Gala Lacquers Facebook page!

Edit 3/13: It's available now! Go get your bottle of Floor 500!

See? When you see it like this, it looks like a really dark, kinda dusty purple. I love dark colors because they make my skin look really pale. Hehehehe yup, I just looove looking like a vampire :-p
Another reason why I love dark nail polish is because they tend to have great coverage, compared to light colors. One coat of this baby and no more visible nail line! That's what I call awesome!
Floor 500 is just really smooth and beautiful. It's easy to apply, dries fast and it looks gorgeous. It really balanced on the edge between super dark purple and black, which makes it a kind of 'hmmm what am I seeing here?' polish. Hahaha!
The purple sparkles become most visible when you look at them in the light, like the sun, or any other strong light source. That's why my fingers look weird on the right side of the picture, that's where my LED light was positioned. But disregard that for a second, and look at the sparkles! It almost looks like a Photoshop effect, like in those pictures I love so much but can never make myself. It's just a gorgeous polish that you should really try to get your hands on (or in this case, under).
Moisturize Me!

Ahhh a nail polish inspired by a TV show, that's what floats my boat! What you're seeing here is a polish based on a character that we've come to know as a thin stretch of skin, hung up in a frame, with eyes and mouth, screaming 'Moisturize me!'. I'm talking about Cassandra ofcourse, from the British TV show Doctor Who! What do you mean 'I don't watch Doctor Who'??? You should! It's totally versatile and so ridiculous that's it's actually really genius. Also, the feels...
Okay, so... Our friend Cassandra has gone a little too far with the plastic surgery, so now all that's left of her is a piece of skin. It tends to dry out and crack open, so her servants have to spray her every once in a while when she yells for it.
That's why this polish has a not quite skin tone feel to it. Pink like ummm... grafted skin? It also has flecks of pink in it that remind me of those brownish spots that older men get on their head when they become bald. You can see the flecks pretty well in this picture. It all sounds yucky but it's not a yucky polish!!!
It's actually really beautiful because it has a really special effect to it and it's also holographic. I half expected this polish to dry matte, but it didn't. Instead it dried pretty shiny and glossy, so I made it worse by adding a top coat.

It's a hard color to photograph right but on my screen, it looks really color accurate. However, please keep in mind that since every screen has different settings, it may look slightly different on your screen than it does on mine.
I really like Moisturize Me! this way, like how injured skin shines too. Not that I like injured skin... aaarghhh this polish is getting me all confused!
Like, Totally

Heyyy look what we have here! It's a yummy jelly polish with glitter! I spot hot pink hex glitter, larger muted silver hexes and beautiful round, arctic blue holo circles that I love the most. There's also fun little flakies in the mix, that really make this polish look happy!

For this polish to work well, you'll have to turn it upside down for a few minutes for the glitter to mix with the polish.

When I first looked at Like, Totally, it looked like the formula was too thick. Then I shook it a little bit and it became the perfect consistency. I remember reading about it somewhere, another indie polish maker said that her base 'gels up' when it's not in use. A nice little bit of shaking will get it back to normal, no problemo ;-)

I used three coats to get this polish opaque. There's really no trouble with drying, I love that about these polishes. I did use a top coat for these pictures, I think top coat might just be my favorite thing about nail polish!
I think the name of this polish stands out from the usual Gothic Gala Lacquers line, but in every other way, it fits right in. The unconventional combo of glitters, the smooth, shiny formula and the darker base color all scream Gothic Gala. I especially like the pink glitter because, well, who doesn't?

Every time I hear the name Like, Totally I get this kind of airheaded feeling...
I got some polish on my cheek (don't ask me how it got there!) and when I took it off, I had some loose glitters to play with :-p They were fun to bounce around on a piece of paper... I get happy from simple stuff, okay?
Awwww now we've seen them all.... But don't you worry your pretty little head! You can still read my review about the other three beauties, and my previous reviews from January, both part 1 and part 2, and ofcourse the very first review I did for Samantha (please excuse the crappy pictures).

If I made you drool, you can get your hands on these beauties yourself in the Gothic Gala Lacquers Etsy store. Also, be sure to check out her Facebook page and her Instagram profile!

Thanks so much for reading and don't forget to share!

I received all of the Gothic Gala Lacquers polishes in this article as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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