Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sad panda nail art

Hey girls! I have a cute little hand painted panda guy for you today! The background was a fail turned into something else, and then the panda just fit perfectly. Isn't it adorable? Click to see more pics!

I was trying to make a beautiful pattern using a fan brush... and failed! After a couple of tries, I just gave up and grabbed my striping brush. I made a pink striped pattern using OPI Mod About You, OPI Kiss Me On My Tulips, Jior Spoken For and H&M Je T'Aime.

This was already quite a chaotic pattern and I wasn't sure what to draw on top of it that would look good, and not make it an even bigger chaos. I looked up to see my 'happy panda' stuffed animal that my best friend gave me, because he didn't want me to be sad panda anymore (it's an inside joke)
So I drew this cute little guy! The black and white colors make for perfect contract against the busy background, and he looks really adorable in his pink surroundings!

By the way, doesn't the pink striped pattern remind you of socks? Or pajama pants?

I painted him with acrylic paint and an old craft brush. I have recently acquired some great detail nail art brushes so this kind of work will get easier when I get used to the new brushes :D
Whoopsie daisy, upside down panda!

Thanks for reading and ofcourse share away, my lovelies!

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