Monday, March 31, 2014

Springtime tree with birds

Happy springtime my babes! The weather has been ah-maaazing here, seriously like summer! I love weather like this, so I made some springtime nails to celebrate :D Click to see more!

I started with a blue to green gradient underneath, which worked really well. The drawing on top looked different in my head but I kinda let it develop as I painted... I used acrylic paint to paint this design. I really don't understand how the tree turned out looking like an actual tree with the tree bark and all!
I couldn't do a springtime tree without birds now, could I? I chose to make them pink because I always love fresh green and pink together. It's a great combo and I wish that I could do a gradient with them without the middle color blending to poop :-p

Anyway, thanks for visiting and share if you like this!


  1. This is a beautiful manicure. .. I just love the bird that is peeping ^_^

  2. The birds are very cute looking, great design!


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