Friday, March 21, 2014

Neon sugar crush nails

Hi girls! It's officially springtime again and you know what that means... happy colors! I'm feeling happy and a little bit funny because of the beautiful weather, so I made some neon sugar crush nails that look like candy. Yumm!! Click to see more pictures!

These were really easy to make. You just choose your polishes, paint your nails with your chosen colors and let it all dry really well. Then, when you apply a top coat, do one finger at a time and dip your nail in sugar when the top coat is still wet. After all of your nails are done, you just use a nail of an orange stick to remove the excess sugar around your cuticles and you're done!
These aren't for long term wear, because you can't wash your hands. Sugar melts in water, especially hot water. Ofcourse I HAD to try it and it was really funny! Afterwards, all that was left were these sugar-shaped holes in the polish and a sticky layer over my hands. It was hell to clean up, but definitely worth it!

For my neon colors, I used Kleancolor Funky Yellow, China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, China Glaze You Drive Me Coconuts and China Glaze That's Shore Bright.
Doesn't this look just like candy? These nails were also really rough so I would suggest being careful getting near your eyes.

I tried the same thing with salt (my dad suggested it, haha!) but it wasn't a huge success. It just didn't look very nice.
Okay, one more picture then, just for funsies. This is a picture of my nails in the sun because WIIIIEEEEE the weather!!!

Thanks for looking at my freaking weird nails and um... see you next time, I hope!

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