Friday, March 14, 2014

Down The Bayou Lacquer logo on my nails!

Good day my sweet ladies! I made a logo on my nails for my friend Jodi! I met Jodi a while back and she is the creative mind behind Down The Bayou Lacquer. I've been wanting to do something special for her for a while, so here it is :-) I think she kinda loved them because she couldn't stop gushing over them! Click to see more!

Last time I did a logo, it was at the request of Christrio Scotland (see it here). I received some goodies as a thank you and there was this amazing detail brush included in the package, it's so awesome, I want to marry that brush and have little brush babies with it!

Yeah okay so the word 'Lacquer' was still to big to fit on my little pinkie nail, even this brush couldn't manage that... But it works amazing for small lines, it's the brush I've been wanting my whole nail art lovin' life!
I haven't had the pleasure of trying Jodi's polishes yet, but I know that Jennifer from 4Boys1Mom Lacquer loves them, so I think it's definitely worth buying a few of those pretties :-)

You can find the Down The Bayou Lacquer store on Etsy, and she's also sharing the love for her brand on Facebook and Instagram.

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