Saturday, March 1, 2014

Three finger lickin' Gothic Gala Lacquers, lots of swatches

Hiya cuties! Didn't I tell you something special was coming?? It's here! I have for you... swatches of three finger lickin', mind numbing, smack your face gorgeous Gothic Gala Lacquers! I'm so proud to be showing you these nail polishes! This is only the first half, I have three more to publish on Monday... So click, click, click!

For those who don't know this brand yet, you haven't been paying attention or have been living under a rock. Gothic Gala Lacquers has been in business for 6 months now (happy half year anniversary!) and a real up and comer. Her line is being picked up by a brand new stockist, so be sure to check out this brand because I'm telling you... Seriously one of the best indies I've ever tried <3

What I also love is how much updates there are on her Facebook page. She's really dedicated to her craft, and it shows!

Rainbow In A Bottle

Let's start with the polish I love the most, shall we? This absolute gorgeousness is called Rainbow In A Bottle and it's a duochrome. No, scratch that, it's a multichrome! Beautiful deep blue and purple are most prominent in this polish, most of the time you will see both colors at the same time, which just looks... *ahhh* sublime <3

When the light hits your nails at a certain angle, it also shifts to copper and gold tones, I'll show you this later!

In normal lighting, this polish is something special already. You can see the color shift from blue to purple and everything in between.

I applied two coats over black, I tried to make it opaque on its own but that just won't work. It's not meant to be opaque. So here it is over black, to make the colors stand out pretty!
Rainbow In A Bottle is a very easy polish to work with. It's pretty thin, but not too runny, it has perfect drying time so it doesn't dry while you're trying to polish, but it's dry in no time when you're done. Or does that sound too much like the M&M's commercial: 'Melts in your mouth, not in your hands'? Well it does, just take it from me. And my heart melted for this polish!

Ofcourse, application is made all the more easy by the amazing caps that Gothic Gala Lacquers has chosen. They are long and slender, which makes for awesome control. You can even hold them like a pencil. Cuticle clean up is a thing of the past when applying polish is this easy!
Do you SEE this shift? Is that gorgeous or is that gorgeous? There's also some kind of sparkle that I can't quite describe... It's just barely there, but it gives it that extra 'zing'. This might just be a property of the pigment that was used, but I like it!
I hope these pictures convey my love for this polish to you. It's seriously gorgeous and I'm thinking I need to do some nail art with this beauty soon!
Feel Me Up

Feel Me Up is a special polish for breast cancer awareness. I was looking at this for a while and suddenly thought: 'Hey, those white hex glitters remind me kind of, ehm... nip... err, you know :-p' (trying to keep it family friendly here!)
So anyways *cough uncomfortable cough* Feel Me Up is a beautiful pink polish with a slight pearly effect to it. It has all kinds of glitter, I spotted small and medium pink holographic glitter and ofcourse the big white nip... hex glitter.
I did apply a top coat over this polish, but more out of habit than out of necessity. The glitters aren't very bumpy, nor do they stick out. This is a really, really nice polish, but I haven't come to expect anything different from Gothic Gala Lacquers. I almost feel like I should post 'the great' behind that name, or call this brand a royalty or something... because that's what it deserves.
The name makes me laugh, by the way. Every time I think of 'Feel Me Up', I just can't help but add 'Oh yes, please do!'. I know, it's totally wrong, but I've been single for a year already so gimme a break!

Look how pretty! The pink color seems to change slightly in different lighing. These pics are color accurate by the way, for you convenience ;-) But please do keep in mind that since every screen has different brightness and settings, it may look slightly different on your screen than it does on mine. Regardless, this is a beautiful pink polish that you just can't miss!

Moon Over Paradise

Moon Over Paradise is a black jelly that's so super smooth, you won't know what hit you when you're applying your polish. It has pink medium circles and purple medium hex glitter, light purple diamond glitters and look! Pretty red half moon shapes!
Ahhh ohhh Moon Over Paradise is something special! Actually, this polish comes in two versions: a black jelly and a grey jelly. I couldn't pick one because they're both so beautiful, so Samantha chose to send me the black one. I can't blame her, it's gorgeous!

At first, it looked to me like this polish would be a tough one to reach opacity. It only took three coats though, somewhat on the thicker side but it dried SO fast! There were no bubbles and drying time was excellent so I didn't mind using slightly thicker coats.
Same goes for this glitter as it did for Feel Me Up: no stick-outage! That's one of my new words to describe glitter that doesn't stick out sharply and massacres your pantyhose. It's a very smooth polish and it's like the jelly forms itself around the edges of the glitter, to make them look really incorporated into the polish and not stick out. You can even see the glitters dive into the jelly on one side of a piece of glitter and come more to the surface on the other side of the same piece of glitter. Did I explain that right? Long story short, this jelly has great depth and I think it's prettehh!
I kinda like how dark polishes make my fingers look all pale and vampiric :-p Also, notice how beautiful the red half moon lights up in this picture! Those red half moons were pretty hard to fish out of the bottle, but just turn it upside down for a few minutes and they will come to you. They're just a little bit shy, that's all!

And this, my friends, has brought us to the end of the review already. But don't fret! This is just half of these gorgeous polishes! There's three more to come, so keep your eyes peeled!

In the mean time, why don't you hop on over to the Gothic Gala Lacquers Facebook page and give Samantha some love? You never know, you might just make it into the super secret Gothic Gala mega fan group :-p

If I made you drool, you can get your hands on these beauties yourself in the Gothic Gala Lacquers Etsy store and also check out her Instagram profile!

Thanks so much for reading and a big hug to Samantha for trusting me with the lives of her dearly beloved polishes! *big smile*

I received all of the polishes in this article as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  


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