Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kiss Haute Couture fake eyelashes (plus some shampoo samples)

Hiya! Today's post is a little bit (or a lot) different from what you're used to seeing on this blog. Along with my fabulous Kiss nail tattoos, Kiss nail art pens and the Kiss galaxy nail art kit, I also received Kiss eyelashes and some shampoo samples. This is totally out of my comfort zone but I'll do my best to review them to the best of my ability, Should be interesting, since I'm an absolute n00b at makeup thingies. Click to read more!

I have no idea how to use fake eyelashes and I'm sure as hell not going to put glue on my eyelids, so I asked a friend to help me out. She had done this once before and she didn't mind putting glue on her eyes XD

After reading the instructions, we went to work. It astounded me how easy it actually is. You take one of the eyelashes, and you put some glue on the edge. The adhesive is included in the package, and when you open the super tiny bottle of glue, it comes with a stick on the inside of the cap. This stick makes applying the adhesive really easy!

The glue needs some time to 'dry', because it gets the right kind of sticky when it's dry and clear instead of white.
Then you just stick it on your eyelid, at the very edge, just over your own natural eyelashes. There's a really handy tool included that makes it easy to position the eyelashes, adjust them a little bit and lightly press them into place so they'll stick.
Et voilá! All of this took under 10 minutes, and that's including reading the instructions, searching for a small mirror and giggling about how weird it was that I was standing there with my camera taking pictures of her eyes!

Removing them is as easy as taking the tool to pinch the lashes and pull them off again, ready to use another time.

It really surprised me how easy it was, and my friend was very pleased with the eyelashes. We had fun!
I have no idea how to review shampoo.... What I can tell you is that all of these smelled really nice, way nicer than the standard anti-dandruff stuff I usually buy. There's only a little bit of shampoo in each of the sample packs. It looks like a lot but only half of the pack is shampoo, while the other half is conditioner. I should use conditioner more often, because after washing my hair with this stuff, my hair was very soft and easy to comb through. I'm usually just too lazy to use conditioner. The brown one, Macadamia Oil, actually did smell a little nutty, and it made my pet rats want to eat my hair! The Argan Oil shampoo smelled exotic, like a tropical vacation, and the Cherry Blossoms had a flowery smell :-)

Thank you for reading my weird review-stuff-type-thing!

I received all of the products in this article as a press sample for an honest review. Opinions expressed are 100% my own and not influenced in any way other than the quality of the product itself.  

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