Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gradient with gold tulip nail charm

Hi girls! I have a cute design for you today! I recently won a nail charm in an Instagram giveaway that @mllrdesign was hosting. I won this adorable little gold tulip and I promised Maja I'd do nail art with it! I chose to make it look like a necklace using nail art beads, and I didn't hang any other charms from it because I felt that they would take away the focus from the tulip. Click to see more pics!

I was conflicted about what to make with this nail charm. It's the very first nail charm I've owned so it's new to me, and I know I'm going to show my design to Maja and she's a freaking amazing artist, so whatever I was going to make, it had to be pretty. I'm not so sure about this design now...
The gradient was made using Essie Splash Of Grenadine and Only You White French. It didn't want to work the way I wanted it to work so it took some tries to get it right. But here we are! I got the nail art beads from my friend Hanne :-)
I promised Maja that I'd get some tulips to photograph my nail art with. I did get the tulips, I ran out to buy them as soon as the charm arrived in the mail. But um... I kinda forgot to take pictures with it XD

The beads look like crap if you put top coat over them, so I didn't do that. That meant I had to take off the polish pretty soon after taking pictures, or I would have had tiny beads scattered all over the place and I can't have that with five little pet rats running around.

So that's why I forgot. I'm sorry Maja *begs on her bony little knees for forgiveness* I hope it's okay! Thank you so much for having this lovely little giveaway and I'm really proud to be your loyal follower <3

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