Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tribal nail art with Indigo Bananas Medusa Transducer

Good weekend everybody! I have some simple nail art for you, combined with an awesome Indigo Bananas polish called Medusa Transducer. I painted doodles/tribal markings, just something random and fun. Click to see more!

I received Medusa Transducer in my amazing nail mail with my friend Melanie, and it was about time that I tried it out! It's an amaaaazing jelly polish that gets an opaque look in three coats. It dries super fast and I would never have picked this polish for myself, but I think it looks awesome on me! The glitters give a nice depth to it, and make the dark shade of grey look less gloomy. I like it!

The glitters didn't sink in the bottle, and I didn't have to shake to mix up the glow pigment either. In fact, it didn't even feel like there was glow pigment in there, that's how smooth it was. No grittyness at all. But I'd say there was an abundance of glow anyways!
I didn't use my new beautiful brushes for this design, I used the Pure Color #10 that I got a while back. I hand painted the design with white acrylic paint. It was pretty easy, and fun to do ofcourse! I was looking for something relaxing because I had a headache and couldn't concentrate very well. But there's always time for nail art, so there ya go!
The best part about this polish is... it glows in the dark! Super brightly too! I didn't expect a dark shade to glow this brightly, but MAN does it glow!!! I really love glow in the dark stuff. It always looks so magical to me :D I have a UV flashlight that can supercharge the glow particles (a friend of mine who is really super smart explained the glow process to me) so I have it on my nightstand and I charge my nails just before bedtime. I sound like a geek now, don't I...
Oooh ooh ooh and I can't let you leave without showing you the macro shot that I made! This was before painting the design, obviously. I just wanted to show you how great the glitter in this polish works, and that there are tiny microflakies in the mix as well.

Thanks for reading, looking and laughing, and feel free to visit again and drop me a message!

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