Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hands making a heart nail art

Hello ladies! I have some shiny nail art for you, I had this in mind around Valentine's day but I didn't get a chance to actually post it back then. So here it is! Two hands making a heart, I hope it's easy enough to see :-) Click if you wanna see more pictures!

I made the gradient with Essie Cute As A Button, which is a nice coral-y pink, and Inglot 718 that has kind of a soft salmon color. They make a perfect match, I had no idea that they would go together this well! I just grabbed two polishes :-p

This was my inspiration! I found this picture on Google, it linked back to some wallpaper website that I got lost in so I don't know who originally made this image. The purple-pink-orange background that reminded me of a sunset, but it looked a lot like the romantic sunset nail art I made recently, that's why I chose other colors for this design.

Drawing it on my nails was the hardest part, I used black acrylic paint which is easy enough to use, but it was hard to get the hands to look just right! I was glad to have the picture as an example to look at, because boy oh boy... this could have been a disaster!!!

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