Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blue dragonfly nails for Autism

Hi ladies! This month, I will be participating in blue nails for Autism and as some of you may know, April is Autism Awareness Month! I've asked my nail friends to participate as well, even if it's just one blue mani :-) I have a light form of Autism, called Asperger's Syndrome. It's nothing scary and it doesn't make me weird, it's just... me. Let's take a look at these nails first, shall we? Click to see more!

I made these amazing nails because I was inspired by my friend Verity (go check out her Facebook page!). She has a really cute purse with dragonflies on it and she recreated them on her mom's nails. She did SUCH a good job that I really wanted to give it a shot too! I did them a little bit differently though...

Didn't she do great? You really should go check out her FB page Bionic Hips And Finger Tips! Verity's really modest and keeps saying that she's just doing something (hmmm sounds like me!) but her manis are really freaking amazing. I love being her friend!

Again, there are not HER nails, but her mom's. She did the artwork though!
And this is the inspiration for both our manis: Verity's purse! I think it's so cute :D But I was too scared to try and paint the girl, I don't think that would have worked on my nails. Oh well, it's still pretty.

I used OPI Swimsuit.... Nailed It! as my base color. It's a really nice deep blue shimmer that doesn't get nearly enough attention from me. I painted the dragonflies on top with acrylic paint and my ProNails detail brushes.
Every time I post a blue mani, I'll tell you something about what Autism means for me. It's different for everyone, so I will tell you my personal experience that may not be the same for every person with Autism.

One aspect of my Autism is my talent for detail. This comes in handy when doing nail art, but is also really annoying because I tend to miss the big picture while getting lost in the small stuff. I also see flaws in my work ALL the time, things that other people don't notice. This made me very unsure about my own work for a long while, and it's still something I struggle with.
I wrote a long-ass blog post about my Autism last year if you want to read it. Pleeeeease don't notice my nails in that blog post! I've come a long way in a year!

I'll be back with more blue nails in a while, I won't be doing just blue nails this month because that is boring. I want to be able to do more versatile things, try out some stuff, not just blue manis.

Thanks for reading and if you know or are someone with Autism, let me know! I know we are all more than just our Autism label, but I'd love to chat with you ;-)


  1. I like to learn more about you, thanks for sharing. And this mani is so beautiful 💗

  2. Thank you for sharing! The dragonflies are amazingly done, and the whole manicure is just gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful nails for a beautiful cause! Your friend also did an amazing job on hers too :)


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