Monday, April 14, 2014

Blue beach towel nails

Hi my sweet girls! I go to yoga every Tuesday, and I got inspired by someone's t-shirt in class. Isn't that funny? I tweaked the idea a little bit and when I was done, I thought they looked a lot like beach towels! Ofcourse I made them blue, for Autism Awareness Month. I have another little tidbit of info about my life with Asperger's later, let's look at there nails first! Click to see more!

I love how rough these look, don't you? I started out with just the outlines of the flowers, and then one of my nail friends looked at my pics and said I should color them in. I did, and I added some shading, and tadaa! I love how they came out! They look SO much better now.

I started out with a base of Only You French White and I let that dry really well. Then I applied pieces of tape over my nails, I cut the a little bit to get the size I wanted. I made sure the tape was placed correctly and firmly onto my nail, before dabbing a bit of blue acrylic paint on it with a makeup sponge. I dabbed the sponge on a piece of paper first to get the majority of paint off. This makes for a really nice 'grunge' effect!

I painted the outline of the flowers with black acrylic paint and my Christrio detail brush. That's seriously one amazing brush! I know I say this all the time, but I mean it! I can do so many different things with just one brush, usually it's the only one I use for one piece of art.

I added matte top coat over it, and colored in the flowers later using acrylic paint. What you're seeing here is not even top coated :-p
What I haven't told you about Autism and what most people won't know, is that it's absolutely draining. Things make me tired all the time, because I don't have an auto pilot. I think too much, and I think all the time. I've learned to talk and act normal, and that drains my energy, but I can't turn it off or anything.

Also, it's proven that autistic brains are wired differently. We perceive things differently, outside stimuli are processed in another way than usual. I myself am very happy with lights and glitters, so my visual stimuli make me happy. But I'm very sensitive to sounds.

In school, I was forced to work in a space with over 100 students, most of them talking, laughing or listening to music. That's surely a challenge for anyone, but it's just impossible for me. Pushing myself to endure that ever. Single. Day. It just exhausted me.

Add up the other stress factors during the day like communicating with peers and teachers for instance, and so much other things, you can imagine how tired I was at the end of the day. I can home on my last breath and was too exhausted to eat. It was a very unhealthy situation!

I live with my parents in a pretty quiet place. Just during the summer, our town has a party like every weekend. That's REALLY freaking annoying, especially when you need some semblance of quiet when you want to get to sleep. Or when someone blasts their radio during the day, I pick that up (I have very sensitive hearing) and it wears me out. Just something simple like that, yeah.

So you see, simple things can be exhausting and very difficult for someone with Autism. And I'm not just nagging when I talk about these things, and it's not some excuse to not do something. I never want to use my Autism as an excuse, and I don't wan it to sound like that either. That's why I have trouble playing 'the Autism card' because it feels like I'm just trying to get out of something I don't wanna do. When in reality, there are also things I DO want to do that I have to give up.

Okay, this has become a very open hearted post so I'm gonna stop now. If you've made it this far: thank you SO much for reading. Part of Autism awareness is understanding and accepting the way it works. So thank you!

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