Sunday, April 6, 2014

Neon rainbow tape mani

Hello and happy weekend! I have a neon mani to brighten up your weekend :D I really felt like doing something neon to break the 'blue nails for Autism' spell and the weekly challenge in one of my FB nail art groups happened to be rainbow themed, so this popped into my head. Click to see more!

It's so bright, isn't it? I used brandless neon polishes that I got from eBay and a roll of striping tape that I got from Winstonia Store.
It was a challenge to make because I usually remove the tape as soon as I've applied the polish and while it's still wet, so that removing the tape doesn't lift the polish. But it this case, that was kinda hard, because the tape all came together in one place. So if I removed one strip of tape, the rest would have come off too. I had to work really quickly!
I  love how this mani changes when viewed at a different angle. It looks a lot less bright when the neon pink isn't visible, doesn't it? Also, I needed 7 neon colors but the set of polishes that I bought only has 6 colors. So I used a blueberry colored polish to get to 7 colors. It fits in pretty well!
I think it turned out really neat! It needed three top coats to reach this level of smoothness.

I hope you like this little break from all the blue manis I've been posting! Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave a comment!

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