Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blue glitter inverse nails

Hey ladies! I plucked this mani from the vault for you today. I wasn't completely happy with how it turned out, so that's why I cast it aside in the first place. A couple of my nail friends were very pleased with it though, that's why I'm taking them out of retirement to show you today. Also, I needed a blue mani for Autism Awareness, so I'll tell you more about my life with Asperger's at the end of the blog post. Click to see more!

Glittaahhhh! I used H&M Blue for the base (super original name for a polish, right?). This polish has these great holographic bar glitters in the mix, and they flash all kinds of rainbow colors that my camera couldn't even capture! I made the inverse effect by painting white acrylic paint over it.

It's pretty hard to paint like this, because you're essentially painting around something you can't see. Every brush stroke makes your negative space smaller, so you have to be careful.
I kinda liked doing this though. I like tedious work, like sorting beads and stuff. I like bringing order to things, so I also like cleaning up a room and sometimes I can't help myself when I see products missorted in a store! Hahaha yeap, I'm the crazy person who keeps putting the products back into the right place!

I'm also the person who you might bump into in the store and see me cringe. It gives me a crappy feeling on the inside when I'm touched when I'm not expecting it. Like I said before, you can't see Autism from the outside so it's not easy to deal with, and it's harder on myself than on the people around me.
I look like a normal person on the outside, and I am pretty normal. I'm optimistic, intelligent, funny, honest and driven! But I can also 'zone out' when there's too much going on around me, or when I'm lost in thought. Because I have a LOT of thoughts and they put my head in overdrive sometimes. So stuff like reacting gets shut down, so my head can get all the concentration. Or my thought process is faster than my mouth, that's always funny :-p

Thanks for reading my gibberish again, I really appreciate it :D I hope to see you again here some time!

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