Friday, April 18, 2014

Medusa nails

Hi my sweeties! Is everybody ready for a great Easter weekend? I hope you all have nice plans, I'm planning to do my nails. A LOT. I made these Medusa nails last week already but I'm only getting around to showing them now because of all the blue manis! Click to see more!

So.... Medusa! Yeah, I'm kind of in love with these. I couldn't take them off for a few days because I loved them so much!

I used SuperChic Lacquer Mink for the base color. I won this polish in October and it's just the perfect granite-like stone color, it just fit perfectly for Medusa's background.
I don't even know how I was able to paint this... I have my detail brush from Christrio Scotland as my permanent side-kick, it helps me do the most intricate designs and the tiniest lines. Do you see those dark lines around her eyes? Yeah. That's what I mean by tiny.

The shading around her nose looks more like she broke it or something, but it looks awesome from further away!
All in all, I freaking love this mani. I hope you feel the same way!

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