Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lady of the lake nail art

Hello there! I have more blue nail art for Autism Awareness today. I made this design that I call 'Lady of the lake' and I think I've seen it in a picture somewhere, but I don't remember where... That's how it often goes with inspiration, isn't it? Anyway, I'll have another bit of info about my life with Autism after I've showed you these pictures. Click to see more!

First, I made the most subtle gradient in the history of gradients. I used China Glaze Sunday Funday and OPI What's With The Cattitude. The bubbles are fun and easy to do, because all you have to do is put a drop of watered down acrylic paint on the nail and then soak up the middle with a dry brush, a q-tip or a tiny bit of tissue paper. The latter works best for me. I drew the lady and the water with acrylic paint too, and my ProNails detail brushes.

Do you like this design? I kinda have a thing for silhouette drawings. Also, check out my previous two blue nail art designs that I did for Autism Awareness: my mosaic dragonflies and my white daisies.
My Autism gives me these kind of superpowers, like my attention to detail for example. I have an amazing memory, I can remember the strangest, most meaningless crap. I know a couple of songs in foreign languages, languages that I don't even speak. I can remember poems, number sequences, names, anything. But it doesn't always work like you would expect it to.

I hope you liked reading this, although it was a quick one today. Let me know what you think of the design and please feel free to share!

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